The world is mad with babble and half truths trying to learn and discover the truth of our own existence.  All manner of babble and questioning is the order of the day.  All fears have free rain and walk among men as if they exist not just in the minds of men but are reality.

Fear begets greater fear and madness.  Madness beget great harm and suffering.  When men seek truth in the outer worlds they find only their own many fears of life of their own mental creations.  These two fears combine and overwhelm the mind and heart of man and create madness.  But it is madness for God and Truth.

Religions today have lost their way and speak only of the outer worlds of man.  Truth is not found here.  Truth is found only in the inner worlds of God.  This world is an illusion of time and space and a virtual reality in God’s mind to teach man and to gain experience.  This world is meant to be separate from God for this reason.  For without first separation from God how can one learn to appreciate God?

Truth is not found in the worlds of man in psycho babble of U-tube, the daily news, nor your weekly church nor synagogue or temple.  Truth and God are found within daily in direct contact with God in meditation and contemplation.  God is not dead nor sleeping God is alive and well within us if you would only go within to seek Him.

Religions have lost their way and must find it again.  Religions are not only for social events and good works. Religions must lead men and women to God first and foremost and not just good works or studies of ancient holy books.  For what of good works and holy books if you loose your soul and a lifetime of experiences to wandering in ignorance and confusion.

Truth and God are found within in direct contact with God and divine energies.  Truth is not found in the outer worlds of men and the illusions of life we call reality.  God is within as all great teachers of long past have taught.  But who today has listened and placed this as their most important daily event and activity in life?  Who seeks truth first today within themselves first and foremost?  Who seeks God first before money, power, position, and family?  How can a man help others if he is blind and ignorant of his own soul and has no direct contact with God?  How can a blind man lead men down the path of life?

The only God today is within man not outside of man.  The only path to God is within man himself.  God, truth, and peace of spirit will not come to you outside yourself.  It is within.  — J.E. Ante