The Greatest Martial Art Style

What do you think…is it Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo, Wing Chun, Tang Soo Do, Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu, or Thai Boxing? I say none of them. As a matter of fact, no martial art that has existed considering that the starting of time can claim the title of the “greatest martial art.” The reality is that it’s not the style that tends to make the martial artist, but rather the martial artist that makes the style. Please also comprehend that when I say “great martial artist,” I don’t necessarily mean great fighter. I am hunting at the qualities that make one a master of the art, not street fighting.

Regardless of the style you’ve chosen to practice, it all starts with the student. Success in the martial arts demands you to begin with some basic “raw components.” Natural talent and athletic capacity helps. A great martial artist has to be physically fit. This does not imply that they all may possibly have started that way, but coordination, the capability to comply with instruction and constructing a good physical foundation is vital.

A fantastic martial artist learns the history and philosophy of his selected style. The origin of the art offers the practitioner fantastic insight into the workings of the style. Wing Chun, for instance, was taught to a lady, who then carried on the lineage. The art is extremely effectively suited for close quarter fighting and with much less emphasis on brute force. This is essential to know if you intend to master the art in that every move makes sense in light of the art’s history.

A fantastic martial artist has to be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort in understanding and practicing his chosen art. Becoming proficient in something requires practice. At times, the repetitive practice it requires to turn out to be “wonderful” can be “boring” and not extremely exciting.

As a martial arts instructor, I get many students who can barely throw a side kick, but will inform me that they are bored and constantly want to learn something new. The student that has the prospective to be a great martial artist will practice that kick so a lot of instances till he has mastered it. That’s the difference amongst greatness and mediocrity. However, in the age of instant gratification, dedication like this is getting tougher and tougher to discover.

A excellent martial artist understands the motives behind the movements in his forms or katas and how they apply in genuine life. The kata or type is a fight against imaginary opponents attacking you from different directions and angles. Some types are performed empty handed even though other individuals use weapons. The application of a kind is identified as “bunkai” and the longer a martial artist delves into the form, a lot more and more applications are revealed.

I watch too numerous students execute kata or forms with no heart or imagination. Some students will even complain and say, “I don’t know why we have to do types any way, and they are boring!”

Humility also makes a great martial artist. Arrogance in your abilities and the attitude that your style is the very best out there is the largest obstacle to attaining greatness. A closed-thoughts will limit your capability to grow and expand your martial arts education. It will also give you a false sense of security.

A wonderful martial artist does not act on impulse, but has the capacity to assess a scenario and act wisely. Fighting or reacting angrily doesn’t often resolve items. A excellent martial artist knows when to stroll away or soften his strategy to life and martial arts with grace and dignity.

Comprehend that there are individuals out there that could make any style function. Regardless of whether or not you’ve selected mixed martial arts or a classic karate style, it is up to you to make it wonderful.