The How to of eBook Writing and Self Publishing

Self publishing has become more popular than ever before, with many people cashing in on the ability to easily write ebooks for online distribution. After all, there are many benefits to writing an ebook of your own, publishing it, and selling it online. Some of the benefits include never dealing with rejection, not having an editor cut up your work, making a profit, and contributing helpful information to others. It is actually relatively easy to self publish an ebook and then sell it online. Here is a step by step how to guide that will help you accomplish this yourself.

Choosing a Topic

The very first step to take if you plan on self publishing and selling your own ebook is to choose a topic to write about. It sounds simple, but this is probably the most important step. The success of your ebook starts right here with the topic you decide to go with. As you are trying to decide what your topic should be, you need to make sure that you choose a topic that you are passionate about, but passion alone isn’t enough.

You also need to have plenty of knowledge in the field as well. If you are passionate about writing for the web and you successfully do this as a career, then this could be a good topic choice. If you enjoy scrapbooking and you’ve learned everything you could about it and turned it into a business yourself, then this is a great topic to write about. Take several days to think about a topic that you can write about with passion and knowledge.

Spend Time Researching the Topic

Once you have your topic in mind, then you need to spend some time researching the topic. Even though you may already have a lot of information on the topic, you probably aren’t the top expert in the world on the topic, and more research can do nothing but help you out. Find out even more about the topic you want to write about, keep some notes, and try to use the research to help you come up with a good outline for your ebook.

Begin Writing

Now it is time to begin writing your ebook. When it comes to self publishing, writing can be one of the most difficult steps. One tip to help keep you on track as you write is to outline and create a good table of contents before you begin writing the book. This way you can write any section of the book at any time, which can help you get all of yoru thoughts more organized.

It will take some discipline to write your ebook and sometimes it may get discouraging. Just make sure you stick to it. Continue to write each day. Once you have your working draft completed, go back and read it again and again, making changes along the way. Revisions are important, and you should read through and revise the ebook several times before you are ready to publish it.

Ensure Your Work is Protected

One of the most important steps in self publishing is to ensure that your work is protected. You don’t want anyone to come along and reproduce your ebook and sell it for their own gain. For this reason you need to have a PDF file that is security enabled that won’t allow people to copy, paste, edit, or print the document. This way your thoughts and your product are protected from those who may try to take advantage of it.

Create a Great Cover

Last of all, it is important that you create a great cover for your ebook. This is one of the most important steps that gets forgotten when it comes to self publishing. Selling ebooks is not always easy, since you are essentially just selling someone a file. This means it is very important that you create a good cover that gives your ebook an appearance that is professional. When you use the cover to make your ebook look like a real product, people are more likely to purchase it.

Self publishing an ebook of your own can be very rewarding. Not only can you make a nice profit selling your ebook, but it can be rewarding just to know that you have a piece of your own work out there. Keep these steps in mind and you too can publish an ebook for the world to read.