The Hunters Written by W E B Griffin

I have always been a fan of W.E.B. Griffin’s books. I think I have read every book he has written beginning with his marvelous stories of WWII. His characters are unforgettable as are the actions of the individuals, the units, and their leaders. However, this book set me back a bit with its huge length and stretched out storyline. I realize the author has to bring readers up-to-date with his characters if they have not read his previous books, but The Hunters drags this process out far too long. The story itself has its good areas and suspense of actions by agents assigned by and for the President of The United States that allows them to go any direction they wish to go and/or control.

Presidential assigned Charley Castillo reports only to the President. He has far-ranging power in his actions, his selection of those that he wishes to assist him, where he wants to go in the entire world, and who he does and doesn’t wish to associate with no matter who they are. This assignment however places Charley too close to being controlled by other government agencies and this he does all he can to circumvent any of these that would have themselves boss Charley around. This is not Charlie’s way of doing anything in his work.

As I said, there were many action parts of this book if you can read through to get to them. You will tour the world several times, meet all kind of official government leaders, foreign and domestic, secret agencies and their leaders, hired killers and those that would hire them to kill anyone, anywhere, and those loyal to Charley that would place themselves in front of a bullet for him. The main issue in the book is the scandal regarding the murders and missing money in a growing United Nations/Iraq oil for food problem that is growing continually. Charley and the many working for him and with him, again foreign and domestic, have to travel the world digging into all the “dirt” they can find as they attempt to recover the missing money and those that have killed many to cover up all the facts. Charley and all his cohorts are not immune to the attempts and/or actual killing or wounding by these desperate killers.

Money seems to be no problem for Charley. He can get “blood out of a turnip” legally or illegally. Charley has so many working with him that have important knowledge that can use their brain to its fullest. Charley is also rich and very intelligent despite his young age and those working with him know they dare not cross him.

There is a huge lack of any love in this book. The love connection that Castillo had was in a hospital since she had been wounded in a previous book. They did connect but for a short period of time in this book but not near enough in my estimation. If you like action books and have not read very many of W.E.B. Griffin’s books, you will probably enjoy this book. If it were half its size the reader would be better served, again in my mind. I know Mr. Griffin didn’t ask me my advice. I will probably read his future books but I am hoping he learns to reduce the monstrous size of his books and thinks of the readers.