The James Bond Books by Ian Fleming: Diamonds Are Forever

Soon after receiving his mission briefing James Bond asks Bill Tanner, the Chief of Employees for the British Secret Service, why M is so worried about the case he has just been assigned.

Getting received some criticism for setting Moonraker on house soil – what readers wanted was to escape the grey skies of England – Ian Fleming set his fourth James Bond book, Diamonds Are Forever (1956), in America after more.

007’s job is to investigate a diamond smuggling pipeline responsible for running diamonds from South Africa to the United States. Assuming the part of Peter Franks, a courier who has just been picked up by the police, he is to infiltrate the operation and find out who is behind it.

When Tanner tells him that M is worried about the American gangs he’s likely to have to deal with Bond dismisses them as “a lot of Italian bums with monogrammed shirts who devote the day consuming spaghetti and meat-balls and squirting scent more than themselves”.

Introduced to Tiffany Case, the subsequent link in the chain, Bond smuggles the stones inside golf balls, one thing Fleming had picked up although in Naval Intelligence the set of balls in question have been designed to smuggle escape materials to British servicemen in German POW camps for the duration of the Second Planet War.

Possessing made his delivery, Bond is told to go to Saratoga Springs, exactly where he ought to bet on a distinct horse – Shy Smile – in a fixed race. Before departing he bumps into his old pal Felix Leiter. The final time he’d noticed him was right after obtaining been thrown to a shark and he now had an artificial leg and a hook in location of his missing hand.

Leiter has joined Pinkerton’s detective agency soon after being invalided out of the CIA and quite by coincidence is investigating Shy Smile. He tells Bond that the horse he’ll be betting on is not in truth Shy Smile, but another horse altogether and deciding to join forces and travel to Saratoga Springs with each other Leiter takes Bond for martinis and lunch at Sardi’s. Bond also has time to take Tiffany to dinner at the 21 Club, so after once again we get a good glimpse of New York as it was in the mid-1950s.

Leiter picks up Bond in his “Studillac”, a a Studebaker with a Cadillac engine. Fleming had come across such a car whilst going to the United States and although he himself loved American vehicles, a single of his in-jokes is that Bond is usually crucial of them, even though in the case of the Studillac Leiter was capable to impress him and the resulting road trip offered more nearby colour to satisfy these British readers who had complained to Fleming about his previous book.

When they get to Saratoga Springs Shy Smile doesn’t come in as planned thanks to Leiter’s intervention – he bribes the jockey and hence Bond does not get his payment. However, he does witness the way in which the Spangled Mob bargains with those who cross it.

Getting not received his payoff, is told to go to Las Vegas, where he need to “win” his payment this time it goes as planned. Nonetheless, when suspicions arise, James Bond is taken to Spectreville, a privately owned ghost town with its own private railway exactly where 007 is taken to meet his end.

Although Diamonds Are Forever is not the ideal of the books it does have some memorable scenes but the reader ends the book feeling it rather lacks one thing.