The Many Benefits of Premium Acai Burn

The acai berry has been touted as a new “super berry” which has a great flavor and potentially many positive health effects. On talk shows and in news articles many are turning to acai products to lose weight by using a natural product. Acai berries are harvested from palm trees in Brazil, and like many berries have antioxidants and other substances thought to improve health. Premium Acai Burn is a product made from acai which its manufacturers tout as being able to help you lose weight. While acai berry products are so new that scientific studies of Premium Acai Burn are scarce, there is anecdotal evidence that these products help at least some people lose weight.

While there are a lot of diet fads and pills being marketed to the American population which continues to become more obese year after year, the makers of Premium Acai Burn offer on their website a virtual free trial of the product for a month. This might allow some overweight Americans, who have tried other diet plans, to see if this product or diet plan is right for them.

The manufacturers of Premium Acai Burn describe many possible potential nutritive benefits of the berries themselves, which include a high protein content, high antioxidant levels, containing amino acids as well as healthy fats which may promote cardiovascular health. It is true that a diet consisting of berries, nuts and fish is thought to be especially healthy. Thousands of years ago humankind’s ancestor survived by eating mostly berries, nuts and fish. There wasn’t any processed bread products as farming hadn’t been invented yet. Many doctors and nutritionists believe that the current epidemic of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer can be blamed in part on a diet high in red meat, processed breads, and sugary foods. Certainly any diet that includes berries could be expected to have some positive health benefits.

Acai Burn does not contain whole acai berries, but rather an extract made from acai berries which its manufacturers list as containing garcinia cambogia, chromium polyniconate, gymnema sylvestre extract. The manufacturers state that their product, when used with diet and exercise will cause 450% more weight loss than diet and exercise alone based on an 8 week clinical trial. As more people lose weight with Premium Acai Burn, there will likely be additional scientific studies to judge the effectiveness of Premium Acai Burn.

The manufacturers of also state that while they cannot promise that you will lose weight by taking their product, which they are willing to give you a month’s supply of product free, you just have to pay for the shipping and handling. The instructions on using Premium Acai Burn describe it as a dietary supplement, and state that you must take two capsules a day half an hour to an hour before your morning and afternoon meals. While there are many acai berry products available, be sure to thoroughly research any specific company before you make a decision about whether to try this latest weight loss supplement.