The Mysterious book of Jibankrishna(Diamond) and his after-death grace through Bolpur Reading Center part 6

Part – 6

Diamond’s after death grace on Kartik Mukherjee

[This is a narration of Kartik Mukherjee of Bolpur (Birbhum district of West Bengal,India) how he got the grace of Diamond (Jibankrishna) even after his death in 1967.]

Due to some urgent necessity one day I had to go to the residence of Sridhar Ghosh at Jambuni. At that moment the reading of Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ was going on. So I sat there to listen. I was feeling a great satisfaction to listen it. Thereafter I went there twice and one day I had a dream where Diamond eliminated all my confusions and doubts.

In my second dream I had such a dream about him which I never forget in my life. In my dream I saw that I was having a walk accompanied by Sandhya. Both of us was roaming here and there by walking. Ultimately we reached at the base of a hill. Sister Sandhya gave me a bettelnut leaf. I told her, ‘No body is here to talk. Let us go somewhere.’ Then we noticed quite a number of honey bees and a hillock of beehive. It seemed that it was a country of honey bees. And they were not ordinary ones. They were huge in size. At that moment from one of the honey bee some of them said, ‘why will you go away? You have come to our country we will not allow you to go. You can tell us whatever you have to say. We will help you.’ Hearing these we were surprised and told Sandhya, “In our childhood we read these lines – Oh, honey bees, where are you going by dancing, wait my brothers. Then they said, ‘we are going to suck honey in that forest. We have no time to wait. Now they have time to wait and so we have got the opportunity to talk with them.” Then the honey bees told us to sit. We sat at the base of the hill. Some 14-15 honey bees gave us honey, and we took it on our hands and drank. It tasted as if Amrita and drinking the honey we were fed to the full. We though it would be much better to bring a pan for my child as this honey seemed to be very rare. Everybody at home would be pleased and happy by drinking this kind of honey.

Then the bees told us, ‘Let us have our introductions.’ We said, ‘We have come from Bolpur. We are devotees of Jibankrishna (Diamond). But we have not got your introduction yet. What are you names? One bee said, my name is Madhumita. second one said – Madhushree; third one said- Madhumalati; forth one said- Madhu-anamika; fifth one said – Madhubarta; sixth one said – Madhusudan; seventh one said – Madhu-Aleya; eighth one said – Madhu-Ranjan; ninth one said – Madhurajant; tenth one said – Madhu-Dibakar; eleventh one said – Madhusandhya; twelvth one said – Madhumalavika; thirteenth one said – Madhumata; Fourteenth one said – Madhuaharan. I asked, ‘how many days are you here? In the meantime a Brahmin came there. We could not recognize him properly. He had bare upper body, wore a dhoti and had short hair cutting with a short beard on his chick. He sat near us, and then began to recite : Madhubata Ritaote, Madhu Kharanti Sindhabah. Madhirnah Santosadhi, Madhu Naktamutosasho Madhumat parthi bang rajah, Madhu dourastu nah pita Madhumanno banaspatih MAdhuman astu suryah. Maddhi gabo bhabantu.’
As soon as he recited this hymn, we saw that honey was coming down from the hill top like falls. Everywhere only streams of honey were seen. Then that gentleman vanished. Suddenly a feeling of cry emerged from within me, though that was the cry of joy. Even after waking up I cried for a long time. Then lighting a lantern I wrote down this dream. The names of fourteen honeybees and the whole hymn was prominent in my memory (as mentioned in Upanishad).
Next day I went to Jambuni and when I narrated my dream to Snehamay, my whole body began to Shiver with divine joy, my eyes became full of tears. Hearing my dream Snehamay showed me that hymn from Upanishad and I became perplexed. I never heard this hymn, but hearing it in my dream without forgetting a single word I wrote it down.
But here is not the end of surprise. When Snehamay showed me the photo of Diamond taken in the hospital ready for his funeral procession, I became speechless. Oh, this was the Brahmin gentleman seen in my dream! I never saw this picture of Diamond with short beard and hair-cutting. I saw his another photo with shaved head and face in a sitting posture. I really couldn’t think any more.

[The dream has two aspects : (1) The seer is transformed into honey which means he has achieved the immortality and (2) The whole Universe is within a human brain including past, present and future. In a pure brain, anything may reveal through dreams.]
Sabung Ayam
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