The Mysterious book of Jibankrishna(Diamond) and his right after-death grace on Aloka Dutta

Mrs. Aloka Dutta goes sometimes to Lucknow reading center exactly where Diamond’s Bengali book ‘Dharma-O-Anubhuti’ (‘Religion and Realization’ in English version) is read often. She has narrated her dreams as such:

1)January eight, 1997.

In my dream I saw that I was going to visit a sacred place on a hill prime. I was accompanied by a number of people which includes my husband.My husband was climbing up well ahead but I was feeling uncomfortable to climb up. A person said, ‘Mother, are you feeling uncomfortable? Then you go back.’ I mentioned, ‘No, I shall climb up to see the Holy person. At that moment I could not see my husband. Nonetheless, with a great effort I reached a place. There I noticed two roads, a single was narrow and the other was wide. Somebody said, ‘Nobody can go through this narrow road, but if anyone can go he will meet the Holy individual.’ Next moment I saw Sushil Banerje (a standard companion of Diamond) standing on the road. He told me, ‘Mother, you adhere to the narrow road. There is no worry.’ So I went by way of the narrow road in the dark and right after going up by way of seven actions I reached a roof like location. I saw a huge tree on the midst of the roof but couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly Jibankrishna came out from behind the tree. Seeing him I asked, ‘Oh, you are here!’ Are you the Holy man’? He smiled and said, ‘Yes, I am that higher-souled man’. I asked, ‘what is that tree’? He stated, ‘That is a precious tree – a tree of austerity’. Saying this he merged into the tree.

[The seer has got the grace of God in the type of Jibankrishna or Diamond. Seven methods indicate seven planes of the physique and God is visible in the seventh plane.]

2)October 11, 1998.

In dream I saw that I had gone to a fair. Massive quantity of people had gathered there. My younger brother also had come with his son. I was really satisfied to see my brother and I began speaking with him. Suddenly there was a rumour that a saint had come in the fair. Leaving my brother I went for browsing the saint. Somehow by way of the mob I went to a place exactly where I saw a space. There was a huge door in the space and I entered into the room but did not see anyone. I couldn’t discover the way to come out of the room and searched for a door to go out. In the end I found a comparable area with a door and I entered into that space. This space was bigger than the prior a single. But here also I did not find anybody. So, I walked forward and discovered yet another room which was bigger than the second one. But right here also nobody was there.

Following getting into into six consecutive rooms eventually when I entered into the seventh space I saw a portico exactly where four – 5 folks had been moving. All were silent. Standing there I saw a platform in the midst of the portico. There had been five methods to reach the platform. Crossing the steps when I reached the platform I saw that a boy sitting on a tool was oscillating his two legs. He had bared upper body, wearing a half trouser. His head was really big with big eyes and cars. Searching at me he started to smile and stated, ‘why, you have come right here right after leaving such a good fair?’ I said, ‘I have heard that a fantastic saint is staying right here and so I have come to check out him.’ The boy again said, but you have come right here leaving such good fair’! Properly, I have attracted you right here simply because I really like you. Sit here’. Then he began to speak with me for a extended time. When he said, ‘My age is 12 yeas 4 months’. As soon as I heard it, I remembered that at this age Jibankrishna saw Sri Ramkrishna in his dream and got him as his God-the-Preceptor. When I asked the boy about this incident he mentioned, ‘yes, it is so.’
Then I asked the boy, ‘Do you know exactly where does he live’? He mentioned, ‘you adhere to that road which you are seeing in front, and then you will find the Holy man. He is the Supreme Getting.’

I looked at the road and saw that it was dark and full of water. It seemed to be a quite inaccessible road. So I asked the boy, ‘will you accompany me’? He stated, ‘See, God broken both my legs. I cannot go anywhere, so I sit here. Whom I like I attract him. I have liked you, so I have known as you and had a gossip.’ In spite of my repeated request he did not agree and again said, ‘you go alone, don’t be afraid. Nothing at all will come about to you.’

So I walked by means of that road very cautiously. Right after approaching fairly a distance I found a big hall. Getting into into that room I saw that Jibankrishna was seated in meditation. I recognized him but at the same time I believed that the boy whom I saw just before must by his boyhood kind. So I once more ran towards that prior location but identified none. I came back crying to the very same place and saw that reading arrangements were produced their and Jibankrishna was getting meditation. I bowed down to him lying on the ground. My dream was off.

[The dream indicates that Diamond is eternal as he is seen in dreams in all his ages. Moreover the dream indicates that he is the Supreme Becoming.]

three)November, 1998.

1 day I was seeing a noble person. He asked me, ‘Say who is your Preceptor’? I was thinking what name must I inform him, no matter whether Sri Ramkrishna or Jibankrishna. Lastly I said, ‘Jibankrishna is my Preceptor’. He once again asked, ‘what do you get in touch with him’? I mentioned, ‘Om Namo Jibankrishna’. He then asked, ‘what do you pray to him’? I mentioned the Sanskrit hymn to him,’Om sthapakaya cha Dharmasya sarbe – dharmaswasupine Namoste Jibankrishna tasmai Sri Gurabe Namoh’. Hearing my answer he started to laugh and said, ‘Yes, say like it.’ Then he disappeared. I understood that this individual was Jibankrishna himself. To test me he took the type of a Holy man. Then my dream was off.

[The dream is self-explanatory.]