The Natural Cure For Anxiety Attack – Treat Anxiety Attacks Symptoms Without Any Medication

Anxiety can be defined as a feeling of fear and worry. However, these feeling of fear and worry experienced by a person suffering from anxiety disorders is not governed by any logical means. In short, anxiety attacks symptoms can strike anytime, causing a person to experience the sensations of fear even when there is no visible threat available. The good news is, the cure for anxiety attack is always around in the market today.

The cause and triggers for anxiety attacks symptoms varies among different individuals. Manifestation of anxiety disorders can take place through long term exposure to stress, drugs withdrawal symptoms and trauma.

Though the sensations of an attack can be scary, it must be stressed that anxiety attacks is not an illness. It is triggered when an appropriate response is said to “malfunction”, thus sending the wrong signals to your body. In short, you are experiencing fear and worry even when there is nothing to be afraid of.

Here are some common anxiety attacks symptoms to look out for:

– Chest Tightening
– Profound Sweating
– Numbness
– Shaking
– Weakness
– Nausea
– Choking
– Dizziness
– Hyperventilation
– Dry Mouth
– Insomnia
– Hallucination

As you have probably realise, these symptoms of anxiety is very much similar to how a person would feel when faced with real danger or threat.

Here are some natural cures for anxiety attack:

1) Take A Break: Long term exposure to stress is one of the medium that can manifest anxiety disorders. If you need a break off your work, you NEED a break. Go for a holiday or take some time off to relax your body and mind.

2) Cold Water: This is one of the best natural cure for anxiety attack. Whenever you feel that anxiety is building inside you, go grab some cold water onto your skin. It will help you gain back your controls. Another way to prevent anxiety attacks symptoms from being triggered is to drink more water. Water, unknown to many, can help to reduce stress.

3) Aromatherapy: One of the ways to help ease your mind and relief stress is aromatherapy. Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood are some of the essential oils that are good at easing your tensions.

A good source to learn how to cure anxiety attacks symptoms is a book by Dr Joe Barry. The methods taught in the book is being still being copied by many medical establishments. It is By Far, the best Self-Help book on the natural cure for anxiety attack.