The new fall collection from Luke 1977 is out

Luke 1977 is a brand that has walked the fine line between being a premium brand and making clothes for every man or at least every British man for almost ten years now. The founders of the popular clothing line for men have managed their distribution with a fine toothed comb by keeping a tight control over which retailers get to stock their products. This has allowed them to retain a cachet as a premium brand while also having distinct lines that combine the flavours, fashion cues and trends that fit into the lifestyle of many different kinds of British men from the gentry to the young hipsters on the street.

Today Luke 1977 clothing pieces are worn by every one in Britain – from the lads on the streets to a number of high profile stars in the media spotlight. Everyone from the members of the hot rock band from Bristol, the Arctic Monkeys to the much acclaimed Kaiser Chiefs have been spotted or photographed and had their images splashed in tabloids around the country while wearing Luke clothing. The clothing line is also regularly featured in editorials and fashion pages on leading mens magazines in the United Kingdom. Everything from the Gentleman’s Quarterly or GQ to Nuts, Loaded and Zoo magazines have frequently featured Luke mens wear.

The origins of the Luke brand though, are not that well known. The founder of the brand after which it gets it name, Luke Roper started selling printed tees and shirts out of the back of his van while he was in college. He funded his college tuition and his university days by selling clothes that he had designed. Going back even earlier in his life, Luke learnt pattern making and imbibed a sense of style and colour from his mother who used to make wedding dresses. This is how he ended up later making clothes for his friends to go out bar hopping and clubbing in.

The Luke range has also diversified a whole lot since those early days when it was just a label on tee shirts sold out of the back of a van. Today the label boasts a comprehensive range of casual and formal shirts, jeans in various kinds of fits, high fashion shoes and numerous accessories including watches, scarves and wallets for the British man about town.

In the beginning of 2010 Luke introduced a new range of casual clothing and jeans under the sub label “Forever In Luke” along with an online magazine blog to keep fans of the label up to date about the goings on with the now iconic brand. The new range has many fresh takes on classics that the main line features like Polos, sweatshirts and V neck sweaters with fresh new colours for the summer and jeans with new enzyme washes and new fits with humorous names line carrot and froggy.

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