The new innovative packaging for chicken and meat

The world is changing each second with the clock ticks. However, the only things which do not modify are the taste of the people and their love for the non vegetarian food. There are some who are not in hold of this type of food but it is still being loved by many around the world. Most in the foreign lands people are more keen or habituated of non vegetarian food as compared to that of Indian lands. Here, the public are not too much addicted but the use is relative.

The non vegetarian foods are mostly having big verities but the most preferable one are the meat and the chicken. However, getting the clean meat or chicken is not possible and looking at its lofty consumption packaging people determined to give the packed food for the people. The meat is being offered in the variety of meat vacuum bags which are extremely light in weight and very safe to eat and consume. These meat vacuum bags are now being available commercially and people are buying it with complete love and passion. This has maintained their love for the flesh. The meat is having a vast amount of protein and carbohydrates within them and so people are consuming it as their nutritional plan in order to complete the necessity in their body. However, on one side it is very fit but on the other side it is also very susceptible to attack microbes and pollutants in the air. Thus, it is very required to protect it and pack it in a very safe packaging method. The meat vacuum bags are having all the required properties are inculcated so as to maintain the newest and mineral content within the packed food.

The same item is being followed by the chicken bags but the same thing is being somewhat dissimilar in this case. The chicken bags are also being used in the very lofty rate in the bazaar which are also taken care by the packaging people. The chicken is one of the most usually used one and it is also being sensitive and so it is necessary to be protected from getting exposed to air. The chicken bags are being done very cautiously and generally the robotics is used to attain the excellence. The main purpose is to give the people the best and nutritive food to the people. For this purpose the packaging people giving the best efforts and making use of the best methods and technique.
Sabung Ayam
Cooking in space: whole red rice and turmeric chicken

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is currently living on board the International Space Station for her long duration mission Futura. Food is an important item in space, also on the psychological side; that’s why astronauts are allowed a certain quantity of the so-called “bonus food” of their choice that reminds them of their home cooking tastes. We asked Samantha to show us how she manages to cook one of her bonus food recipes in microgravity: whole red rice with peas and chicken turmeric.

Sabung Ayam