The New Jersey Tax on Plastic Surgery

New Jersey plastic surgeons felt they were becoming singled out when NJ state passed a law requiring elective plastic surgery solutions to be taxed back in 2004. No other state in the United States makes it possible for taxes to be collected for any sort of health-related process.

The 2004 law was passed to tax cosmetic and plastic surgery in New Jersey as an effort to raise funds in the state. Initially this law was anticipated to bring in more than $ 25 million in its 1st year. The tax did not really function as intended and only ended up pulling in about $ 7 million in tax costs on solutions supplied by NJ plastic surgeons.

Governor John McGreevy signed the bill into law and it sounded somewhat affordable at the time. The law states that only “specific cosmetic medical procedures that are directed at improving the patient’s look and that do not promote the appropriate function of the body or stop or treat illness or disease.”

That means you are going to spend tax on purely cosmetic solutions, but not one particular surgeries that improve your physical health. So a New Jersey plastic surgeon can carry out a rhinoplasty to help you breathe much better and you will not spend any taxes on the service. If, however, a New Jersey plastic surgeon performs a breast augmentation for beauty motives then that service may possibly be subject to the equivalent sales tax.

The law’s text lists a number of elective cosmetic surgery procedures which are topic to the tax. Amongst these procedures which New Jersey now taxes are any kind of cosmetic surgery, cosmetic injections, cosmetic soft tissue fillers, hair transplants, dermabrasion and chemical peels, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing, laser therapy of leg veins, sclerotherapy, and cosmetic dentistry.

This tax supposedly marked the very first time that a tax had been imposed on any healthcare operation in the United States. New Jersey plastic surgeons were naturally not pleased about this and many complained that this tax would continue forcing people to go to other states for their medical wants. Many plastic and cosmetic surgeons in New Jersey spoke out in the news media when the tax was first introduced.

While this is a only a New Jersey phenomenon so far, it has piqued the interest of lawmakers in other states. States such as Texas, Illinois, Washington, Arkansas, Tennessee and New York have all introduced bills to tax certain cosmetic surgery procedures, but so far none of the new laws have passed.

The original sponsor of the bill, Joseph Cryan, has given that attempted to get the law repealed, but the repeal has not but received adequate votes.

Only time will tell if the tax will be repealed or remain on the books in the future. For now NJ cosmetic and plastic surgeons are dealing with this tax the very best they can.
Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra (KMTHR) | New Nepali Complete Film 2017 Ft. Aaryan Adhikari, Mariska Pokharel

Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra (KMTHR) | New Nepali Superhit Full Movie Ft. Aaryan Adhikari, Mariska Pokharel

Adhikari Brothers Photographs Presents!
A Film by Akash Adhikari
New Nepali Movie: KE MA TIMRO HOINA RA

Starring: Aaryan Adhikari, Mariska Pokharel
Music: Basanta Sapkota, Tara Prakash Limbu
Lyrics: Krishna haru Baral, Akash Adhikari, Sunder Shrestha
Background Score: Alish Karki
Choreographers: Basanta Shrestha, Renesha Bantawa Rai
Action: Himal KC
Production Designer: Suraj Acharya
Screen Play Dialogue: Yam Thapa
Distribution: Gopal Kyastha, Gobind Shahi & FD Business
Co-Producers: Sanjaya Bhatta, Sunil Adhikari
Editor: Arjun GC, Bhupendra Adhikari
DOP: Nawaraj Krishna Thapa
Assitant Director: Prabhat Baskota
Chief Assistant Director: Satyaraj Chaulagain
Producer: Suresh Adhikari
Director: Akash Adhikari
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