The New Look Clothing For 2011

The new look clothing for 2011 is best found in the LA and NYC street trends then on the fashion runways. What we see in television, movies and in fashion news magazines like People and US Weekly give women the best idea of what really works. Most of the celebrities work with stylists and stylists take runway fashions and make them real.

If you want to be a savvy shopper and wear new looks with your clothing, then look at new trends in magazines and know that any new look will be around for three to four years after its trend starts in the USA marketplace. The two best magazines for knowing what the new upcoming trends are are In Style and People Style Watch. What’s great about being on the forefront of a new look in clothing is that you can invest a little more in the trend knowing you have the full three to four years to wear it out.

The big new looks in clothing for 2011 have to be in pants and in shoes. Leggings and jeggings have been a big hit now for the last 3 years, so we are going to the other extreme and the new trend of wide leg pants are making their come back this year. So with wide bottom pants come very high heeled shoes. Wide bottom pants are not flattering on short waisted or short legged women as much as the leggings are. Therefore, to compliment this new trend four and five inch shoes will be the perfect way to give wide bottom pants that chic fashion forward look and for you to look long and sexy.

New looks in clothing and fashion trends are great to watch and you do want to be fashion forward, but always remember your body type and how to best maximize the new look and still look awesome. Too many women will sacrifice their individual style for the new look. This is completely not worth it, you’ll not feel good in the the new trend and not have the “it” that fashion is meant to be for you. When looking at new looks in magazines, look for the celebrities that best match your style and see how their stylist has put their look together. Follow the pieces that they have mixed and matched.

What’s exciting is that most new looks can be complimented with and paired with other new trends to make the new look in clothing work for you and your body. Accessories are what can piece all of this together. Using belts, shoes and boots help a lot and can make it go from just okay to wow on your body. New looks can mean an investment with other new items, catch the wave the first year or two and you got the combination of savvy shopper and fashionista.

Jacine Fox is a writer for Hottest Latest Fashion and loves to find ways to empower women around the world through Style. For her latest blog, check out for more SABUNG AYAM