The New Mercedes-Benz E350 Cabriolet

For years now, Mercedes-Benz continues practicing its expertise in this particular area and ultimately has grown to become one of the best, if not at the top of convertible auto production.

Be it the big old SL Class or the CLK model, each exhibit a level of refinement various other makes will envy, with its roof off or on. The E-Class cabriolet is no different. Costly, quiet and classy, it ensembles a person who is seeking stylish appearance. And evidently, owners of the drop-top E-Class units wish to display its convertible abilities.

As an alternative for choosing a collapsible hard-top, Mercedes-Benz E350 resolved to go with a fabric roofing and to be able to have this convertible; you have to spend an extra $ 12,450 more compared to the coupe. And the same as the coupe, it offers much of its feature with the C-Class as opposed to the E-Class.

The C-Class is definitely an extraordinary series and so the E-Class cabriolet borrowing its DNA with the C-Class is definitely not a bad factor. Their costs are wide varying from $ 100,000 in the four cylinder petrol into a enormous $ 186,950 for the V8. The E350 operate in the mid range at a price tag of $ 140,000 more or less.

The E350 cabriolet includes a impressive cabin atmosphere despite the fabric roof and even though the street sound isn’t suppressed as those of the coupe or sedan, it isn’t really far off either. Simply because of the high quality insulation of the soft top that’s extremely impressive, particularly when it’s overtaking cars in the highway or inside tunnels. With this model, Mercedes-Benz followed a “four season, four passengers” solution as well as two important components of technology for convenience improvement.

An all-new Aircap device is presented and along with the Airscarf concept, keeps the passengers heated no matter if motoring in the winter. The Aircap creates a simulated roof which has a directed flow of air over the passenger cockpit from the top of the windscreen simultaneously that the Airscarf gives off warm air through air outlets which have been placed on top of the seats.

After hitting a control button, a little 6cm wing will elevate in the top of the windscreen driving external air up and over occupant compartment. The room inside is good, particularly in the front as taller passengers will easily occupy legroom space at the back. Adults could get in the rear though that beats most of the competition. However, any person taller than 180 cm will find it hard to get cozy.