The New Nokia E7 – An Introduction

The new Nokia E7 handsets looks set to be a sure fire success not only thanks to its new version of the Symbian operating system but also the impressive large screen and slide out keypad that the model also boasts.

Perhaps one of the more eye catching elements of the new E7 is the excellent screen that dominates the front of the phone. At 4 inches it is one of the largest currently available. This is not only beneficial when it comes to viewing complex web pages on the handset, but when you choose not to deploy the physical keypad it ensures that the alternative virtual variety is still a good size. Of course media loks superb on this screen, and HD movies look great in widescreen. The displays itself uses Nokias own ClearBlack technology to enhance visibility in daylight, as well as offering a deep natural black colour. At 640 x 360 pixels, resolution is good, and teamed with the high quality AMOLED screen offers a near faultless picture. Behind the screen is where the physical keypad is neatly tucked away, and unlike many other phones that sport a slider, the unit remains neat looking and streamline when closed, measuring just 13.6mm. In terms of build quality, the slider feels solid, and when it is used, it leaves the screen tilting slightly upwards, perfect for sitting the unit down on a desk to compose an e mail or watch a video.

As a device that is primarily aimed at business users and those who spend the majority of their time messaging, Connectivity on the Nokia E7 is vital. And thanks to a host of options you should never feel let down but what the handset can offer you. Being a 3G handset enables the user to achieve the fastest possible mobile data transfer, meaning websites load in a flash or uploading a video is a pleasing experience. Even if you are not luck enough to be in an area with such coverage, EDGE offers a fast and reliable alternative. Locally, Wireless LAN facilities mean that connecting to a known WiFi network is a simple affair. The E7 sports a handy mini HDMI socket. This enables the user to hook the phone up to any compatible HD and enjoy watching the HD video that has been captured on the device on the large screen. Despite being pitched at the business user, the Nokia E7 will inevitably have huge crossover appeal thanks to the brilliant screen and impressive upgrade to the operating system.

The Nokia E7 is coming soon and the Nokia N8 is available now.

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