The New Nokia E7 with AMOLED Screen Technology

Similar in looks to the popular N8, the new Nokia E7 offers a full Qwerty keypad, making the handset a superb proposition for the more business orientated user. The E7 is a well designed handset, and looks very similar in design to the stylish N8.

The body of the handset comprise of mostly aluminium, giving the handset an expensive feel as well as generally increasing durability. At 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6mm, the handset is of fairly similar dimensions to many smartphones, however the relatively slim depth is pleasing considering the phone does sport the physical keypad. On the top of the handset is where you will find your various ports. The obligatory micro USB is located here, allowing simple connection to a PC. A less common but very useful terminal is found in the shape of the HDMI port. This is the industry standard connection for HD television, and enables your phone to be easily linked to your TV in order to display your own video footage in glorious high definition. Joining these two is the 3.5 stereo jack which enables the user to use a variety of headphones on the model. Around the sides of the phone you will find a dedicated camera button as well as a pop out SIM tray, present thanks to the battery being non removable. Looking at the front of the phone, the excellent 4″ screen dominate proceedings, however there is a sing home button which bring up the familiar Nokia menu. This is located centrally in a position that is easily accessible whether the keyboard is in use or not.

Asides from the physical keypad, the screen is one of the stand out features on the Nokia E7. At 4 inches in diameter, the display is larger than what is found on most smartphones, which despite adding extra millimetres, does have obvious advantages in terms of viewing complex web pages as well as as giving you a screen large enough to comfortably view photo and video files. Nokia “ClearBlacK” screen technology give the AMOLED screen a boost by improving the screen visibility in sunlight, and coupled with the excellent 640 x 360 resolution it does give Apples famous “Retina” display a run for its money. The unit is powered by a 1Ghz processor which results in a pleasing experience when using the phone. Loading times are impressively fast and the handset efficiently handles any task you ask of it. The Nokia E7 scores highly in all departments, and although it is primarily designed as a business device, the model will prove a success in all areas of the mobile phone market.

The Nokia E7 is coming soon and the Nokia N8 is available now.