The Nokia E52 – Entertainment Value For a Business Phone

A lot has been said of the Nokia E52 as a viable business phone for the busy executive. But its form factor, brilliant display and excellent multimedia functions make it a magnet for the young hip crowd wanting only the most reliable multimedia gadgets. But there’s more.

No Multimedia Laggard

The Nokia E52 may sport just token multimedia functions just to placate executives wanting some entertainment feature for their handset at the end of a day, but it sure has them in spades, giving some competition to a few multimedia-savvy mobile phones.

For starters, you have a brilliant 2.4″ QCGA screen supporting 16 million colors. This is so much better than many serious business phones out there running on the Windows Mobile. Photos and videos get displayed in all their glory. An accelerometer making a tilt to landscape mode automatic is standard here, though it is fast becoming de rigueur in many multimedia handsets. And while video capture is not as great as many high end multimedia mobile phones out there, at 15 frames per second in VGA resolution, it does a more competent amateur video shoot than many mobile phones just supporting QVGA modes.

Then there are its audio playback features which, though not as mature as one can find in a Sony Ericcsson Music Phone or in its N-series phones, the E62 gets done supporting all the codec flavors popular out there. But one noteworthy feature is its support for industry standard 3.5mm earphone jack, allowing you to use those great high fidelity earphones.

Supporting features.

The E52 boasts of supporting microSD external memory expandable to 16Gb. Multimedia files are know for their storage-hungry file sizes and the E52 provides ample expandability to support images, audio and video files as the need for them grows. In addition, its support for high speed networks as well are the latest high speed Bluetooth allows the transfer of humongous multimedia files a breeze.

Needless to say, the standard album management tools are there and together with the Nokia PC Suite, organizing your multimedia files becomes routinely easy, either in your PC or in the microSD drives of your E52 handset.

Lastly, the jewel feature that has made the E52 stand out has to be its remarkable battery life. Sharing the same feature as its E55 cousin, a long battery life makes the multimedia experience so much more enjoyable. Imagine taking a cross-country trip with plans to just listen to mp3 files along the way. The E52 makes that possible with 18 hours of straight mp3 listening. That’s really not the same as having a spare battery changing every 5 hours.