The Nokia E7 Includes A Full Html Web Browser

The Nokia E7 provides a full HTML web browser with Flash lite 4.0 also, enabling you to view all webpages in both HTML and Flash along with the visual history offered by the phones wen browser. The handset also has both native and Java games included with simple touch user interface controls to play them.

The device offers an impressive 8 megapixel camera for image and video capture. Recording videos is easy and fast, and it is done instantly in High Definition with 16:9 (widescreen) ratio, making it a truly original and homemade movie on your handset. The camera is aided further by digital zoom, which is up to 2 times for images, and 3 times for videos. Meanwhile, when in poor light conditions, the camera also has a dual LED flash beside it. There is also a secondary front facing VGA camera, which is great for taking self-portrait shots, but more so for video calling.

The E7 features the Nokia Music Player with cover flow imagery of all your albums in one place, allowing you to quickly and easily select which tunes you wish to enjoy. The Music Store allows you to download further tracks and albums also. Meanwhile, in addition to the music player, you can also opt for the live presented music through the interrogated FM stereo radio with RDS support. The handset has a 3.5mm AV connector for headphones, or alternatively use the Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP profile to utilize wireless stereo headsets for use with the phones sound track. Uses such as these may also be useful when watching your videos and homemade HD videos on a larger television or laptop with HD compatibility, due to the HDMI connection.

The handset has a large 4 inch ClearBlack display which is easier to view in the daylight, while it also provides 16 gigabytes of internal memory storage for all of your videos, photos and music. The phone also has both onscreen keyboards as well as a full sliding out QWERTY keyboard offering fast ext input and the choice between the two input methods, while the simple capacitive touch display also offers intuitive user interface controls, and touch controls when playing the integrated games offered.

The Nokia E7 is a delightfully sleek design with both a slide out keyboard as well as simple touch controls and input via its large, easy to view display. Its operating system and preinstalled apps make it highly resourceful for both personal and business use, uses which can also be separated by the 3 customizable home screens on offer. SABUNG AYAM
Era Istrefi ft. Mixey – E dehun (Official Video)

Official Video – “E dehun” by Era Istrefi and Mixey.

@Instagram: strefie

Instrumental: Mixey(AuthenticEnt.)
Melody: Era Istrefi
Lyrics: Era Istrefi & Gjiko

Concept & directing: Astrit Ismaili

Styling: Astrit Ismaili and special thanks to: Lia Stublla,Cool design & butique Geta

Make up: Sellma
Hairstyle: Kaci Lleshi

Video: Entermedia
Publisher: BZZZ!


Un pe du dikon
Dikon qe shume
po më mundo-o-o-n
Un pe du dikon
Qe nuk beson
Se dashnia ekziston

Un pe du dikon
Dikon qe menon
Qe kerkush nuk e don
Un pe du dikon
Aj nuk din me vlersu
Se k-k-kush pe don’

Uh nanana
Un para se me ik shum larg
Du me tthon je kon shume ngat
Uh nanana
Un para se me ik shum larg
Zemren n’dor un ta mar ta mar..

Shots e tekilla edhe birra bon
Per me hek do t’keq ti veq i combo (kombinon)
Edhe pak bob marley bon
So when I roll
Mo nuk nalna as n’patroll
Uh ra pam pa pam
Beat-i po ma then
Edhe vena o’ ka m’nxen
Edhe nese ska dashni
At’here ka sa t’dush raki per me pi

Doesnt matter what you gonna say about me x2

Tash per qdo nat pi raki edhe ven
‘nat pi raki edhe ven
‘Nat pi raki edhe ven,dikon qe e helmon po mu po m’ngushllon
‘Nat pi raki edhe ven
E ti shut up shut up shut up shut up

(C) Era Istrefi, 2014