The Oldest Man Moving To New Zealand

Lately Britain saw its oldest migrant set sail from the shores of blighty, moving to a new life in New Zealand. His main cause for moving was simply because England was too crowded and the wide open spaces in New Zealand appealed to him. Eric King Turner at the ripe old age of 102 is moving with his wife Doris on an unforgettable journey that will enrich his life. Setting out from Southampton on a twelve thousand mile cruise to his new nation of residence this adventure would practically equal his time in the Second Globe War as a dental surgeon on the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable.

Mr King Turner was extremely excited on his departure, saying that moving to New Zealand was a new adventure. His tips to others who might be contemplating moving was to grasp the chance and do it straight away. His zest for life is enviable, but this enthusiasm need to enable him to fit in perfectly into the Kiwi way of life. His major concern is that he did not want to be 105 nevertheless thinking about moving definitely the phrase ‘carpe diem’ applies to this adventurous and energetic man, 102 years young.

When asked about his moving plans Mr King Turner mentioned that the way of life in New Zealand was much the identical as in Britain. The principal attractions for him had been the decreased levels of crowding and the better climate, some thing most Britons would sympathise with I am positive.

Mr King Turner may well have a point about Britain getting to crowded, the workplace of National Statistics have recently released figures that show England to be the most overcrowded nation in Europe, overtaking Belgium and France. Seemingly he might be old but his savvy with population trends has not faded.

On leaving his property nation for his new life in New Zealand he stated in spite of moving he was nevertheless an ‘Englishman by way of and through’ and he would nonetheless miss items in his property nation such as his pals. It is doubtful the Kiwis will see a large influx of OAPs invading their shores nevertheless, Mr King Turner would not have typically been viable for emigration but his wife was born in New Zealand and hence his application was profitable. It took a total of 5 months for the pair to fill out the relevant types and all that was left to do was get on with the procedure of moving. He nevertheless even so had to undergo proof of his very good well being ahead of his application would be accepted.

In the approach of application for the eventual moving date he did not have to give his age, he just had to show that he would have the monetary means to support his new life. The happy couple have only been married for twelve years following they met in New Zealand whilst Mr King Turner was on vacation. Strangely they already had the very same surname, Doris being of the New Zealand King Turners. On meeting they decided on moving to England to get married but have had a change of heart.

This heart warming story is only a tiny component of the huge quantity of individuals moving to New Zealand. With a lot of trades and professions in high demand, a wide variety of people are deciding to make the move. I for one can not blame them, with much better climate, the glorious scenery and the distinctive way of life it can be considered a sensible move. With fantastic possibilities awaiting migrants it is particular that many will follow Mr King Turner’s enterprising lead.