The Perfect Destination Wedding And Honeymoon

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular especially among couples who simply want to get away and enjoy an intimate wedding with few or no guests and an incredible honeymoon. However, choosing the perfect romantic spot for that destination wedding where one can truly relax and enjoy one another’s company is vital to making that destination wedding a success. For those couples who are planning a destination wedding and looking for somewhere unique and romantic for their wedding and honeymoon venue there is simply no where more perfect than Bali’s Bukit Peninsula.

This rugged limestone peninsula is the perfect spot for a romantic wedding. With an abundance of white sand beaches, and spectacular sunsets the entire area whispers romance. And there is simply no more romantic place on earth to get married than the Tirtha chapel located on the cliff top overlooking the Nygang Nygang beach. This beautiful chapel is a series of triangle pavilions surrounded by reflection pools and the perfect place for a sunrise or sunset wedding service. With the beauty outside the glass walls of the chapel mother nature will provide all the wedding decorations you could ever want for your wedding service.

And when it comes to honeymoons there is simply no place more spectacular and romantic than the Suluban Cliff Bali Villa. Each beautifully appointed suite is set apart from the other suites and the main villa giving you the privacy you crave while allowing you easy access to all the amenities. By making arrangements in advance you and your loved one can enjoy the perfect wedding supper out of doors prepared by the Villas wonderful chef. With a beautiful pool and spa on the grounds the two of you can relax and enjoy each others company in a relaxing atmosphere and beautiful setting.

Best of the entire villa is centrally located in case you and your partner want to explore one of several beaches in the area, the sea temples scattered along the coast, have a relaxing game of golf or simply rent a motorbike or a car to see more of the area.

While this area is not what one would call the height of excitement, it has many romantic vistas the two of you can visit to enjoy a romantic picnic or simply to laze about a sunny beach basking in each other’s company. Suluban beach is within walking distance where you can visit the cliff and enjoy a picnic while looking over the changing colours of the waters below. Or you can visit the beach and enjoy a day sunning yourself in this rather secluded area.

Best of all you take in the unspoiled beauty of the area while enjoying a truly romantic honeymoon spot that few people are yet to discover. It is undoubtedly the perfect place to make that romantic dream wedding and honeymoon a reality.
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