the Phoenix sports news Beijing regular time on June 19th , favourites Holland team will usher in the Australian

The Holland team is far from winning the Phoenix sports news Beijing normal time on June 19th , favourites Holland team will usher in the Australian team second opponents in the globe cup, the initial round of matches, orange five-1 by Spain, while Australia is 1-three not enemy chile. In Holland’s pre match press conference, Van Gaal mentioned his group is far from the title, even though Sneijder said to strive to get the very first win against australia. Ahead of the game, there are media reports Van Gaal will alter, in the game in this regard, Holland coach offers an answer prepared to accept either course, I am not to speak about the lineup, every competition rivals, tactical nature will be diverse. Right after the five-1 victory over Spain, the Oranje became the hot favourite to win, Van Gaal did not overlook to give the group a pour of, only the title will let us tread, now is only the initial step, the players had been not turn out to be dizzy with success. We played is not especially very good, we should continue to go to all lengths, now, we will only consider the quick race and the group. Evaluation of the opponent to Australia, said Van Gaal, Australia’s 1st performance is excellent, it doesn’t surprise me. So they played in current friendlies, but played extremely properly, and I think they will be leaving to fight. Holland and Australia’s only 3 games, all is a friendly match, the strength is naturally not the dominant Australian actually made 1 wins two flat unbeaten record. To this, Schneider also spoke frankly to touch the kangaroo is not easy, the game will be really challenging, we never ever win more than Australia, and now all the teams in our analysis of efficiency against Spain, we want to realize how to play, for the initial time beat them. Zhou Kai.
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