The Police Fight Crime Direct To Mobile Phones With Bluetooth Marketing Ad-pods

UK Police Forces such as Essex, Merseyside and Higher Manchester Police along with Crimestoppers the UK’s largest crime prevention organization are now making use of the Ad-pods Bluetooth Marketing program. They are making use of the Ad-pod to send out crime prevention messages direct to mobile phones in the location.

Bluetooth Marketing and advertising systems have been utilised in the past by the Police forces but the feedback they identified was that the systems have been merely to large to be portable and sensible. This is why Police forces up and down the nation now turn to employing an Ad-pod.

The Ad-pod is a modest light weight device that can be worn or fixed to a window. This gives the Police the flexibility they need to be in a position to go to busy buying centres and inner city places and really target thousands of people with crime prevention messages.

Bluetooth Advertising is an economical way to advertise direct to mobile phones for free of charge.

An Ad-pod works by uploading an advert to it which can be image, text or video. After configured the pod as quickly as it is switched on will discover all the phones in the location with bluetooth activated and send them a message asking them if they want the advert.

The ideal issue about this sort of advertising is that it is permission primarily based, eco friendly and offers you a scalable advertising method that is 100% cost-free soon after you have purchased the hardware.

Ad-pods can operate for any organization in any sector there are no limits to how this can be utilised.

Practically every person owns a mobile phone and these days they all have bluetooth. So you can actually send unlimited adverts to most of the population for cost-free.

Bluetooth Marketing is environmentally friendly because there is no paper waste, you are just transferring wealthy multimedia digital flyers direct to peoples phones. Many councils are now banning the use of paper flyers for environmental motives.