The Police Reunion Concert Tour

Andy Summers, Sting (Gordon Sumner) and Stewart Copeland are 3 musicians that got with each other to form the band The Police. They were quite well-liked in the early 1980s, but they broke up by the mid-1980s and did not have any reunion till 2007. The Police then planned a reunion to go by means of 2007 and 2008. The reunion was planned as a 30 year anniversary celebration of their hit single “Roxanne.”

The Police Reunion started on May possibly 28, 2007 and will finish on August five, 2008. Some folks think that the reunion tour is in two parts simply because of the diverse legs. Nonetheless, it is just a single reunion tour with quite a few various legs.

The 1st leg was in North America and was held from May possibly 28, 2007 to August five, 2007. The second leg was in Europe and was held from August 29, 2007 to October 20, 2007. The third leg was in North America and was held from October 31, 2007 to November 28, 2007. The fourth leg was held in Latin America from December 1, 2007 to December 11, 2007. The fifth leg was held in Australia and New Zealand from January 17, 2008 to February two, 2008. The sixth leg was in Asia and was held from February 4, 2008 to February 14, 2008. The sixth leg was in Hawaii on February 16 and 17, 2008.

Three much more legs of the tour were scheduled. The very first is in North America from May possibly 1, 2008 to May possibly 28, 2008. The second is in Europe from June three, 2008 to July 5, 2008. The third leg is is in North America from July 11, 2008 to August 5, 2008.

The Police do not have to worry about fees for this reunion tour. It is extremely well-known. Some of the concert dates were sold out in just minutes. All tickets for the British tour sold out within the very first 30 minutes they had been on sale. Worldwide, ticket revenues reached $ 168 million and are expected to reach a total of $ 340 million.

Most of the critics have provided the reunion tour shows glowing critiques. However, after the 1st show, Stewart himself wrote that the overall performance was “lame.” He also wrote that 1 of Sting’s song endings was a leap of a “petulant pansy” and that Summer was “in Idaho” when he was half a bar off with Copeland’s drumming.

Some media picked this up as a fight or argument, but it was really just selecting at his other band members. Each Sting and Copeland took it as light-hearted teasing. Stewart has stated that soon after the set, he and his band mates fell laughing into each other’s arms.

Regrettably, that was not the only adverse overview of the reunion tour. The newspapers in the Twin Cities location gave a damaging assessment to the reunion tour show. They decided that it was “sloppy.” Nonetheless, this does not appear to match what fans think of the show. They adore Stewart’s drumming, Summer’s guitar, and Sting’s bass and signing. They say that the the small idiosyncrasies prove that the band members are actual individuals. It is reported that they deal with forgotten lyrics and getting off time very professionally.

Whilst the tour could end with a hopeful message of “We’ll see you again!” from Sting, he has said that The Police will not get back with each other soon after the reunion tour. His exact quote is, “There will be no new album, no huge new tour, as soon as we’re done with our reunion tour, that is it for The Police.”