The Power Of Authenticity In Business – How To Grow Your Solo-preneur Business By Being Real

The past few years I have been leading a networking group for women entrepreneurs and in doing so have arranged meetings, networking events and seminars. One of the tag lines I often have used in my correspondence has been “Connect and be inspired!”. The word “connect” comes up often in my vocabulary and I don’t take it lightly. Anyone can have a meeting, pass on a business card and leave with a list of prospects but I think it is important that we do not forget the human element of real authentic connections. We are not just names on a list and no one comes to an event just to be sold to. Do you?

I’m all for strategic thinking and effectively marketing our business through business relationships but when meeting new people, I like to keep it real and not just about me. If you are truly interested in growing and sharing your uniqueness with the world – authenticity, treating people with respect and listening to what’s important to others is where real connections are made.

I realized the power of this at an event I recently organized where I “connected” with three wonderful women and fellow entrepreneurs. In letting our guards down, being genuine, listening and asking each other questions that mattered, no hidden agendas, no sales to make -we formed a connection that will probably last a lifetime. Here’s why this is so important:

– By expressing your unique authentic self, you are allowing others to see your unique talents and gifts and you are allowing people into your life who share a similar vision or more importantly people who need your uniqueness in their life.

– By truly listening (not just polite nodding folks – you know who you are), you are being open to things you need to hear to learn and grow both professionally and as a person.

– When you are being authentic, it shows. Friends and colleagues that care are people that I want in my life, not just the ones that can’t wait to add you to their email list.

– Power in numbers. When you authentically connect with people who share your vision, you can do so much more than you can on your own.

– Being real, vulnerable and humbling yourself is contagious. Seeing others do this is powerful to your own quest to be true to yourself .

Be real. Connect. The rest will fall into place.
Sabung Ayam
The Thurston Moore Group

Thurston Moore moved to NYC at eighteen in 1976 to play punk. He started Sonic Youth in 1980. Since then Thurston Moore has been at the forefront of the alternative rock scene since that particular sobriquet was first used to signify any music that challenged and defied the mainstream standard. With Sonic Youth, Moore turned on an entire generation to the value of experimentation in rock n roll from its inspiration on a nascent Nirvana, to Sonic Youths own Daydream Nation album being chosen by the US Library of Congress for historical preservation in the National Recording Registry in 2006. Thurston records and performs in a cavalcade of disciplines ranging from free improvisation to acoustic composition to black/white metal/noise disruption. Alongside his various activities in the musical world, he is involved with publishing and poetry, and teaches writing annually at Naropa University, Boulder CO, a school founded by Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman in 1974.Presently he performs and records solo, with various ensembles and in his own band, The Thurston Moore Group (with Deb Googe, Steve Shelley & James Sedwards). In 2014, the band released The Best Day (Matador) which critics described as optimistic and sun-drenched in beauty and [has] experimental attitude dovetailed with instantly accessible pop melodies.The Best Day is a record defined by positivity and radical love. The songs range from opener Speak to the Wild, a Crazy Horse-like paean to anti-authority and activism, to Vocabularies, a mantra to a new realization of language, which includes ALL people.The Thurston Moore Groups forthcoming full-length album, Rock n Roll Consciousness is expected in 2016.