The Pros And Cons Of Phpcow

PHPCow is an open source management system used mostly by the PHP language. It is mainly used for those who create online newspapers, news portals and online magazines. They promise you that you will be able to manage and design rich content with a drag and drop feature that makes it very simple to use. You dont need any experience in PHP, CSS, or XML when using PHPCow.
It does quite well when it comes to competition because of the many features that it has. The pros and cons that come with PHPCow are as listed. Covering everything about PHPCow will not be possible here, but here are the best features that stick out:
The Pros
1. With PHPCow, you have control with the feel and look that you want because of the template engine. It makes it possible to use your imagination or you could just choose from many the templates that are pre-made and free.
2. It is very easy to customize your articles by using attachments images, slide shows, and a lot more. It has a WYSIWYG editor thats built-in and makes it easy to use. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, the HTML editor will be easy to use.
3. You can increase your rankings with a content syndication. With an easy click on the control panel, you can create Atom and RSS Feeds. PHPCow just about covers everything in the aspect of syndication.
4. Consumers can modify dynamic menus. You can arrange vertically, horizontally, split menus, or rebuild easy enough. You can even make menus partially made in different formats, which will allow you to display them on single pages rather than an entire site.

There are many features that PHPCow has to offer. The biggest con that I can see that the program has, is that it costs you, at the very least, 100 dollars and isnt a free CMS like most CMSs out there. It does do everything that it has claimed to do and is easy to use and is a little more capable than a lot of open source opponents though.