The Razor E125 Electric Scooter – Kids Just Love To Zip Along

Does your kid have to be on the move all the time? If that is so the Razor E125 Electric Scooter could well be the perfect present for their next birthday or Christmas.

The manufacturer – Razor states that this scooter is suitable for kids of 8 years old and over – the maximum weight capacity is 120lbs – however, I have seen 5 year olds zip about on these and I also know of many adults who like to “borrow” their kids E125 scooter!

You will find that the Razor E125 electric scooter can boast a high-torque motor which is driven by chain, this, I am informed is far more durable and gives a much better performance than the E100 which was (perhaps still is?) belt driven. It also has a twist grip throttle which most youngsters seem to master fairly quickly, although my sources tell me that some younger kids take a while to get the hang of it.

One piece of information that I should point out is that the Razor E125 unlike its bigger counterparts does not start from a standing position. The rider has to manually reach a speed of 3 mph and then on the press of a trigger the motor will kick in. Once the motor is running is is possible to reach a pretty impressive 10 mph which for “tweens” is an ideal speed, enough for some incredible fun but not too fast that it would cause problems when ridden on the side walk. Stopping is just as important as the speed and you will find that the E125 is fitted with a front, hand operated brake.

The Razor E125 electric scooter gets its power from a rechargeable batter which is best charged overnight. Once fully charged it will give around 40 minutes of power. There are those who complain that this really is not long enough but on the whole it seems to be of no consequence because everyone just loves these scooters.

The attributes which most parents love about the Razor E125 are that it takes merely a few minutes to assemble and it can be folded down and put in the truck of the car so kids can take it on vacation or family days out and makes storage non problematic.

The Razor E125 Electric Scooter Key Facts At A Glance:

* Ideally suited for age 8 years and upwards

* Max. weight limit 120 lbs

* Capable of speeds up to 10 mph

* Battery life around 40 min. continuous use

* Sports a high torque, chain driven motor

* Has a Twist grip throttle

* Rechargeable battery

* Hand operated front brake.

* 8 in pneumatic front tyre

* 125mm polyurethane rear wheel

One final small tip – don’t ride the scooter through puddles, I spoke to one young lad who did just that and it was the end of his beloved Razor E125 electric scooter.

As with any motor powered toy safety must be considered so, a helmet and perhaps knee and elbow pads should be considered whilst riding the scooter.

What do you get for your money?

* The Razor E125 electric scooter

* 2 x 12 volt batteries

* A battery charger

* Tools for assembly

Children young (and not so young) love zooming around on the Razor E125. They are durable, well made and can bring many hours of pleasure.

WARNING – DON’T fall fowl of the law. Make sure you check out the legality and the limitations placed on the use of these scooters in your local area and state.