The Real Fundamentals of Faith

Fundamentalism has been tainted by association with terrorism. Fundamentalism itself is viewed in common news parlance today as a bad thing. But does this mean that we ought to discard fundamentals? The fundamentals of faith are the building blocks of a better life, and they have nothing to do with aggressive insurrection. So how do we go about reinstating our fundamental beliefs as a good thing?

The church of Jesus is a building with Jesus as the cornerstone. Jesus represents everything good that God created. The apostle Peter was entrusted with the task of establishing the rock on which the church, the bride of Christ, would grow. These are the fundamentals of our faith. Nothing has changed in two thousand years. To be a true Christian fundamentalist is to ascribe to these views: goodness, stability, divinity, eternity. These form the rock of our faith. If we were to discard these building blocks, these beliefs what do we have to put in their place? Is there anyone who truly believes the opposite of any of these fundamentals would be preferable to the fundamentals themselves?

And we can add more: grace, forgiveness,sanctification,salvation. The building grows, but it is a building in which God has played a major part as the architect. We are told by scripture that if we try to build something without God as the builder, it will always fail.

We cannot suddenly invent a new building. We cannot create new fundamentals, anymore than we can reinvent gravity. A foundation of a building always has to adhere to strict physical laws otherwise the building falls down. While the building itself can be constructed using a variety of materials and designs, unless the foundation is solid it will not last. Fundamentalism is a belief in the soundness of our original materials, our original laws.

Believing in God is the first step, believing in the goodness of God comes next, believing that His son was sent to save us is the ultimate step. You have your building. Now inhabit it with pride.