The reason why anyone need to have a slogan t-shirt

Do you own any funny t shirts, if so what are others opinions on them? Do they make people laugh, or groan, do the offend people, or is it just a bit of light humor, or is your t shirt a joke referencing a recent event in the news, or related to a joke from a recent popular film or TV show?

There are all kinds of funny t shirts out there to suit every kind of person. Whatever your sense of humor there will be a funny t shirt out there for you. You may be the kind of person who wants a quick, cheap laugh from a one or two liner joke t shirt. You may prefer a topical humor t shirt as I mentioned above, or you may even like a t shirt that makes some laugh, but will offend others, it really is down to personal taste.

But what t shirts are the funniest around nowadays, which ones are guaranteed to get a good laugh from your mates, as well as helping you make new friends by sparking conversation? Well I’m here to help.

First up are offensive t shirts. There’s a lot of divided opinion on these, some will love them and find them hilarious, and some will just find them downright offensive. Personally as long they aren’t too ridiculously offensive, and the person wearing the t shirt doesn’t actually have the belief that what is on the t shirt is truth, well then it’s OK.

Next are one or two liner t shirts. These are great inoffensive t shirts that have simple one or two line jokes or quips, sometimes along with a picture to reinforce the joke. These are both great funny t shirts that will always have people laughing.

Finally are topical humor t shirts. These t shirts are great. But usually only have certain amount of time before the joke gets old and is no longer funny or relevant, so buy at your own risk! Obviously it’s hard to give you a good example of these t shirts, as it may not be funny by the time you read this!

So there you have my favorite funny t shirts, but it really is down to you which ones will suit your personality. From football fan, to passionate musician, there will be something for everyone out there! Just a note on the side of caution, if you do decide to go down the offensive t shirt option, beware of the consequences of your action, as you could find yourself in more trouble than your bargained for!

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