The Return of the Clog

Clogs are making a comeback in the fashion world. Last seen in the 1970’s, this season, clogs for women will be big news in fashionable circles the world over.

As a style of footwear, clogs originate from northern Europe, namely Holland, and date back, roughly, to the 19th century peasantry. Fortunately, clogs have come up in the world, and are now sported by the fashion elite of the modern world. In fact, they are now more heavily associated with the aristocracy – the peasants of the past would rejoice in such a change of heart for their humble shoes. This season, clogs will be featuring heavily on catwalks, expect them to arrive on the high street in droves.

The original shoes were fashioned out of wood; luckily, modern designers of clogs for women have done away with such an encumbering material. Today, you are much more likely to find clogs made of comfortable, and stylish, materials, such as leather and suede – although, this season, do not be too shocked to see some styles of clogs fashioned from flexible plastics.

Traditionally, clogs were known for their comfort, durability, and practicality. These features are still a fundamental part of the clog, only now, designers have modified the clog to bring it into line with current fashion trends.

Clogs for women now come in a much wider variation than they ever did before. Due to the fact they are now considered as fashionable footwear, designers have managed to up-date the shoe in a variety of ways, proving their adaptability and versatility. You can now find clogs in boot styles, made from synthetic materials, in sandal styles, with graphic designs, in a fantastic array of colours, and much, much more besides.

For women who work long hours, and who are frequently standing up – nurses for example – the clog will be the ideal shoe this winter, providing comfort, while maintaining a high degree of fashion.

When buying clogs, many factors should be borne in mind. If you are opting to buy clogs for women during the autumn/winter season, then opt for a closed foot design, this will ensure that your feet remain warm, as well as protected from the elements. Wooden soles provide excellent circulation, allowing feet to breathe – if you suffer from ‘aromatic’ feet, then a wooden sole is the better option for you, additionally, if you do suffer from this problem, then purchase a shoe that has a removable inner sole, that way you can simply buy some new ones when the problem arises.

If you walk a lot, or stand up for long periods, then a rubber sole is extremely beneficial, rubber acts as a shock absorber and helps to inhibit the development of pressure points. In addition, if you are stood up for the majority of the day, opt for a flat style, rather than heels – the latter will place undue pressure on the toes and lead to complications, such as bunions.