The Riches in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea filled with many spectacles that will give its visitors a new experience also offers a whole new adventure. A noteworthy visit, this third world country bestows us with great scenery like landscapes with a haze people can recognize as islands in the clouds. 180,508 square miles and 4.5 million residents make up this island nation situation just north of the East Coast of Australia. The adventures that await those that visit Papua New Guinea consists of seeing the culture it has, the many different scenery and taking part in that hiking and diving activates offshore.

These days most natives are not seen wearing their local costumes but occasions and plays allow tourists to take a peek at them. A different offering is what Chimbu players and mud men provided us with a new insight. This different country sees about 40,000 visitors each year for various reasons.

Papua New Guinea has many different languages. The language most spoken in by its citizens is English.

Asian originally lived in Papua New Guinea about 50,000 years ago according to locals. Ilahas dos Papuas or Island of the Fuzzy Hairs is the named a Portuguese explorer bestowed this amazing land. Later a Spanish explorer named it New Guinea after the Guinea in Africa because they looked the same as that.

Making our way to the highlands in Papua New Guinea where we went hiking, looked into local markets, mingle with the locals and riding their transports was a different adventure. Along Mount Hagen about six miles passing through a rough road is a lodge named house of friends where we first stayed. Every day a generator is turned on from 6 to 9 am and from 5 to 11 pm to provide electricity. Everyday wood would be burned to provide hot showers. Many afternoon rain falls visited us as we stayed in Papua New Guinea, yet with a monsoonal climate, it evened out the day’s warm weather. Malaria carrying mosquitoes love places that are humid and cool so it was vital that we took medication to protect us from such diseases.

What makes Mount Hagen one of a kind is the fact the not long ago, 62 years to be exact, the first white man landed here. It was their yearning to see what the highlands of Papua New Guinea had to offer the compelled three Australian brothers in 1938 to enter the country. Along with learning more about the land was seeing that it also had about 1 million settles. Until this time, these highland citizens was shadowed from the thought that another world was outside their municipality.

After only six decades, these natives grew from having traditional olden ways to western clothed clad, religious believing commercialized people. Despite preserving the Papua New Guinea heritage, an influence from the westerns is still noticeable. Staying in humble huts and slowly walking through life is what most people do here.

In the end we arrived at our friend’s place which was at the distant end of the mountain. A native of Papua New Guinea out host have many stories to tell us. She now makes a small living on the mountainside with her husband.
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