The Second China Blow Molding Rotational International Forum Cum In April, Held In Shanghai –

HC Network Plastic News: “The Second China International Forum on rotational cum hollow products” by China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Shanghai Technology Stock Exchange, organized plan in April 2008 held in Shanghai 14-16. There will be 22 Rotational and blow molding industry authority and the well-known domestic and foreign experts to come to this forum and do excellent speech, the speaker not only has the industry trade association officials, senior researchers, both professors are the elite of the production line technical staff, speech topic will cover the development of the industry report, advanced technical presentations and interactive Q & A and other content experts, the participants listened to a wonderful addition to outside speakers, will be honored on their topic of interest to the scene with many domestic and foreign experts exchange.

Rotational molding is Plastic Products Processing methods, suitable for large volume, complex processing of hollow plastic products. Rotational molding since 1934, originated in the United Kingdom, through the last century 50’s, 70’s, late 80s to early 90s three major developments in Western Europe and North America have very well developed, forming a rotational molding company and the professional preparation of raw materials, roll Plastic Machinery and equipment Professional company producing and marketing, research and professional rotational molding technology Education And a large number of rotational molding products manufacturer part of an independent industrial system. Rotational molding process research and development in China starting in the late 60s, the key process due to the constraints have been no major breakthrough in the development. In recent years, development of the industry to speed up China’s rotomolding positive variety, diversity, specialization, large scale development, and products have penetrated into automobile, chemical, Food , Logistics, agriculture, fishing, sports Venues , Military and other areas, but compared with the level of developed countries, the gap is still very evident. The early 90s of last century in the United States Association of registered rotational rotational had more than 5000 kinds of products, but China has so far only 40 kinds of foreign rotational molding applications has been involved in more than 30 kinds of products, industries and our rotational molding products was also only involves more than ten kinds of industry, rotational processing huge development space in China.

Methods of hollow plastic molding blow molding and rotational molding process. Now our hollow blow molding products, mainly based. Current domestic production of hollow Molding equipment Small enterprises, technical level much difference, and has R & D, manufacturing and Technical Services Less overall strength of the company. Technological equipment of some hollow weak, can not fully grasp the plastic blow molding technology, production equipment and Mold Can not meet user requirements and raw material molding process requirements, the production of the products failed or are not secure, production of qualified products. As the automotive industry, Package Industry and the industrial high-speed development, China’s plastic blow molding process requires the exchange of domestic and international rapid development of rich, mature. SABUNG AYAM