The Secret Behind North Face

The North Face Jakcets Outlet has been popular for so many years, and a lot of people wonder why things are going like this, then let me explain it for you. First of all, the materials are durable. Fleece is made mainly from recycled plastic products and over the years it has become a mainstay of the outdoor industry. During that time it has also morphed into many different types that have many different uses. Let’s take a look at the fleece choices of today.

Then comes the style of course. There are several styles I want you to know about. Polartec Classic 100, 200, 300 Fleece – This is the original fleece that comes in three weight classes; lightweight 100, midweight 200, and heavyweight 300. 100 weight is perfect for that warm first layer while 200 weight can be used in just about any cold temperature conditions. 300 weight is your choice if you enjoy activities in the extreme cold. Polartec Power Stretch – This is the stretchy fleece that uses a three way fabric design to keep you warm and dry during even the most intense of aerobic activities. The first layer is highly breathable allowing moisture to escape easily. There are also Touch Points that wick moisture away to the outer layer where it spreads out allowing it to dry nearly two times faster then cotton. Polartec Wind Pro – If you wear regular fleece you know that the wind can cut right through it. That’s no longer the case with this type of fleece. It is four times more wind resistant then regular fleece thanks to its proprietary yarns that are tightly weaved to block the wind. Those are all available among North Face Jakcets Outlet.

Then the left two is Polartec Thermal Pro – This is considered the warmest of all the fleeces and comes in a multitude of textures and patterns. Its unique high-loft capability gives it the highest weight-to-warmth ratio. Polartec Power Dry – This fleece uses a bi-component knit design that works to keep your skin dry by moving 30 percent more moisture from your skin to its outside surface then single component fabrics.

If you are moved to buy one, then you can come to the online shop to get your own ones among North Face Jakcets Outlet.