The “Secret” Formula to Creating Optimal Health and Happiness

When it comes to creating better health, several years ago I adopted a simple strategy to simplify the process, eliminate confusion and focus my efforts. I refer to it as “The Wellness Formula”.

The Wellness Formula isn’t some passing fad, or marketing hype or the latest celebrity trainer’s claim to fame. I doubt we’ll see it as the basis for a reality television show anytime soon!

The Wellness Formula is a succinct summary of how health and optimal function are created, and how we get sick. This simple formula is based on accurate, sound science and encompasses every single component of human physiology and function.

Simply, The Wellness Formula states that there are two basic requirements for health: Pure and Sufficient lifestyle choices, and two causes of all sickness and chronic illness: Toxic and Deficient lifestyle choices.

What are “lifestyle choices”? As Dr. James Chestnut of The Wellness Practice in Victoria, B.C. describes, there are three main categories of lifestyle: how we eat, how we move and how we think. Obviously, there are many sub-categories, like sleep patterns, how we respond to stress, products we use on our bodies and in our homes, and so on. These are all included in the three main components of lifestyle.

As human beings, with a genotype that has gone virtually unchanged for tens of thousands of years, we share the same innate genetic requirements for health. There are certain raw materials that are requirements for our optimal function. When something is required for the creation of optimal health, it’s a “pure” choice. Making sure we have enough of it is “sufficiency”. Not having enough results in a “deficiency” of that building block. Things that move us directly away from health are considered “toxic”.

Our current level of health will always be the result of the choices we’ve made thus far, and the environment we’ve exposed ourselves to. It is clearly understood and accepted among leading scientists worldwide that chronic illnesses, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, depression, infertility, digestive disorders, attention and learning deficits, and so on, are the result of our environment – not genetics.

This is the science of Epigenetics – it’s like the ‘advanced’ or new and improved study of genetics. It’s our lifestyle choices that will determine our genetic expression. The internal environment we create will determine which of our genetic ‘codes’ will be revealed. It’s not that the “old school” study (and dogma) of the genetic theory and family history is wrong… it’s just woefully incomplete.

Now, back to The Wellness Formula. Pure and sufficient choices in the way we move, eat and think result in dramatically different levels of health, happiness, function and the prevention of chronic illness than do toxic and deficient choices.

It’s absolutely not about being perfect, and making pure and sufficient choices 100% of the time! In fact, I believe that’s impossible. It’s about making better choices, more often, for a long period of time (ideally, a lifetime!).

Every choice we make counts. Our health, or lack thereof, is dynamic… constantly flowing. It’s either flowing toward optimal health, happiness and function, or away from it toward chronic illness and lack of any function at all.

There isn’t one right fad diet or one right fitness magazine work out or one right pathway to happiness and balance. That being said, there most certainly may be one particular nutritional approach (diet) that is ideal for you to follow… right now. There may be a particular work out that gets you the results you’re looking for… right now. And there might be one way you respond best to for reducing your stress, creating balance and nurturing your spirit…right now. That’s all great!

There are countless wise and experienced experts in the fields of exercise & fitness, weight loss, nutrition, spiritual and emotional fulfillment. I highly recommend working with many of them – these are gifted individuals. I just don’t believe there is only one way to health and happiness.

I think we need to mix things up – health is a constant ebb and flow, remember? Try different programs, work with different coaches… as long as they all fit within the parameters of The Wellness Formula they will move you toward optimal health. If a particular approach doesn’t meet the standards of The Wellness Formula, get rid of it. It won’t result in better health and function, and it could be harming you.

As human beings, we simply require an abundance of pure and sufficient foods, a wide variety of daily stimulating movement, and healthy doses of love, gratitude and fulfillment.

That’s the secret formula for a healthy, happy life… The Wellness Formula!