The Secret You Have to Know About Choosing the Right Night Cream For You

I do not know about you but for me, using night cream on the face to prevent skin aging is probably one of the most practical things ever developed. You may be wondering what is so special about night time that a specific face cream is developed to be used for it.

During the day, the skin receives a lot of beating from the environment like the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, pollutants in the air and even seemingly harmless substances that we use like colognes or perfumes. We have a way of preventing negative effects of this like using moisturizers or face creams with sunscreen protection.

But however hard we try to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of these, we can only do so much. Our skin will still be affected in ways that we do want to imagine so we get unwanted visible results like crow’s feet, wrinkles or dry skin.

At night our skin gets the rest that it needs and frees itself from these harmful and dangerous elements. At night, the skin gets the chance to repair damages it incurred during the day and gives rise to new and healthier skin cells.

It is at night time when the skin’s metabolic activity is at its highest so, like the rest of our body, it is at night when we are asleep when our body repairs itself. But unfortunately, the regenerative process is a bit slowed down when we advance in age, making repair slower than before.

Because of this, many people have resorted to using night cream to boost the regenerative process that the skin needs. Night creams are supposed to contain powerful ingredients that can stimulate the production of the body’s own collagen and elastin which are proteins that help make our skin stay firm and elastic.

However, you must be very careful in selecting the night cream to use since the effective ones are not really very easy to find in health and beauty stores. Do not be easily swayed into buying over the counter creams just because they have been promoted by your favorite Hollywood celebrity or just because you have seen them in many different commercials and advertisement.

It would be best to check first the ingredients used, customer reviews and scientific studies done on the products before you buy them since these will tell you a lot about what you are getting into. Usually bigger companies spend more on promotions and advertisements and on talent fees of celebrity endorsers and models than scientific studies and research.

When you check ingredients of the night cream you are going to use, look for substances that really matter like antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10, Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame since they have been proven in really making skin firm, supple and more youthful looking. Avoid ingredients that are harmful like dioxanes, mineral oil, paraben and some fragrances.

Make no mistake about it, you need to use a good night cream to help you prevent appearance of unwanted lines, crow’s feet or wrinkles or help you remove them if you already have. These creams are as essential as the moisturizer you use if you have dry skin or the sunscreen you apply if you are going to be exposed in the sun.