The Secrets of Dating Younger Women ? Part Two

Think about your own families.  How many of your male relatives are married to younger women?  I bet you’ll find that you have more than one or two, with some of them having marriages where ‘Aunt Mimi’ is quite a bit younger than ‘Uncle Carl’!  So, younger women dating older men are a lot more common than what you may have originally thought.  Good news for you!

There are some definite ideas that you’ll need to retain when it comes to dating younger women. I’ll outline a few of them here.

1.  Relax and be yourself.  A lot of men make the mistake of acting bizarre when they meet a younger woman they’re attracted to.  They laugh too loud, try to talk like a teenager, all kinds of strange, weird stuff.  She may not know how you are normally, but you can bet that she knows when you’re faking it.  Stop trying to impress her by behaving like a kid – relax and be yourself.  

2.  Tease her.  This is a technique for playing with her and seeing where her head’s at.  Tease her and make fun of her, especially when she’s acting immature.  Treat her like she’s a little brat.  What this does is it makes her aware that she’s being immature and that she can’t intimidate you with tantrums or other ridiculous behavior.  If she’s up to the challenge, she’ll play and tease back with you.  If not, you’ve not let her have your power and have retained your masculinity.  

3.  Be the leader in the relationship.  Most women are attracted to men who take the lead.  This is especially true for younger women who don’t have a lot of life experience yet.  You set the tone of the relationship, not her.

4.  Don’t move too fast.  If you try to move to fast and start touching on her sexually she’ll label you as a creepy or perverted.  On top of that she’ll tell all her friends.  Take things slow and easy.  Act like a gentleman.  Give her a little space.  When the time is right, she’ll be ripe and ready.

5.  Remember that she has her own life; don’t intrude on it.  Her adult life has just begun.  If you do things that embarrass her, like calling her at work all the time or showing up unexpectedly, she’s going to feel that you keeping tabs on her or, worse yet, that you’re acting like and overbearing father.  Encourage her to develop her life.  She’ll feel that you’re empowering her and she’ll love you for it.

Part Three of The Secrets of Dating Younger Women coming next time.

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