The Series of Cartier LOVE Bracelet

Jennifer Aniston ,Lindsay Lohan ,  Edison,  Rihanna … so many big-name foreign stars, both those men and women like to wear Cartier LOVE Bracelet, and there are colorful life between these people ,what have attracted worldwide’s attention with the emotional romance.
How popular are the Cartier LOVE Bracelet series ? After reading this information, you’ll know. That there are so many big famous stars who like to wear it . This is the latest bracelet this year, with colored gemstones, and it use the blue lines and there is a purple high – quality compact gem embedded in the bracelet. What can make so many famous stars share together, perhaps only Cartier LOVE Bracelet instead . Many stars who wear this bracelet , may have a love romance story.
In the fans’eyes, she will always be the Rachel in that Old Friend movie. Even now, her ex-husband Brad Pitt was separated with her. Jennifer still retains the faith in love and be longing .
Maggie Q’s business is flourishing, attracting more and more international attention, and her emotional well-being is also sweet. Following the foot of Hidetoshi Nakata, Daniel Wu, Edison Chen, and after the Korean American actor Daniel, Maggie Q now has a Huhuashizhe around.  It is hard to link such a small woman to the sexy actress. But it is the truth.
When the double-J perform the dance, the fans and media have speculated that whether the relationship of the two are complex, Jolin Tsai has flatly denied all; when she acts as a maid of honor on her sister’s wedding . Jolin also frankly end their talk with emotional . Jolin evolved from the ugly duckling , the road is also difficult and there are some people speculating her.
Edison Chen, a star who keeps silent when he is thought to be a dandy by the public and media. Perhaps the LOVE Bracelet he wear is announced to the public –that he remains a kind and righteous romantic beauty.
These stars are just a small part of many stars who wear Cartier Love Bracelet, if you would like to know why they love the bracelet, you can search online.