The Seven Essential Things You Must Take Note When Raising Chickens

Rule 1- Call your chickens altogether as ‘girls’. It is not a good idea for you to name each of hens with female human names; so better stick to calling them ‘girls’ to be emotionally safe.

Rule 2- Hens have a way of giving herding dogs the impression of ‘come and chase us’. But that isn’t exactly the case. Your girls wouldn’t want the idea of being chased all around your yard by dogs at all; they were not made to do that. Let dogs admire your lovely hens from a well built fence.

Rule 3- A fence is built for a couple of reasons, and basically, it is made to fly over and twist down there. Fences not only provide the division of areas separating what’s yours and what’s not, but also, it give you the view of a backdrop that accents your garden. Your girls might attempt to fly over the fence; so avoid this, trim one wing of each hen. With these creatures at your yard, fences are made to serve as protection from various outside predators such as stray cats and dogs.

Rule 4 -Foxes are said to be good hunters, and are out to hunt almost all the time. With this, chicken coops must be made using good quality materials so that these hunters can’t easily break in the coops. At night, when your girls are all asleep inside coops, let your dogs roam around the yard and around bushes; the smell of dogs will send messages to foxes to stay away from the area, especially if you are not at home to watch over your girls.

Rule 5- Be cautious in terms of burying the remains of dead chickens. Hide them in the ground where other hens won’t find them because some hens might try to dig up their ‘sisters’ out. And throwing the remains into the garbage bin of your neighbor won’t do any good.

Rule 6 -Your girls will most likely produce good quality eggs, bigger and tastier, as a reward for bonding, proper feeding, and enough protection. Time will come, some of your girls won’t lay eggs anymore, but rather they will still continue to eat on pests around your garden.

Rule 7 -Try on being a vegetarian one of these days. You can do this once in a week, enough to expand your choice of food and remind you nutritious foods are also in store for you. Live a healthy lifestyle in order to preserve life and gain good rewards.
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