The Simple Way To Create Chicken House Nest Boxes – Some Helpful Suggestions

As more and more people are getting keen on building chicken coops and keeping some yard chickens, more progressive towns are amending their laws to permit back yard chickens. Usually they limit the number to five and no roosters can be included. This is a superb provision because roosters are noisy and aren’t required for a few yard egg laying hens. As part of your coop you will need nesting boxes. Hens like dark and comfortable places for laying their eggs and it is a particularly easy matter to build your own with materials you probably already have on scattered around.

An orange crate, or something similar will work superbly; any substantial box or container about one foot square will be perfect. Take away the front panel of the crate or container and replace it with a board approximately 3 or 4 high. This will give the hen’s easy access to the nesting box. Secure the boxes on a wall of the coop about two feet off of the floor and line it with straw, paper or wood shavings. The lining should be absorbent and non-toxic.

Ideally, when you build a chicken coop, you must provide yourself with a shallow access door in the wall straight away above the nesting box area to make egg collection simple. To stop predators also using this same system of access makes sure you also use awfully secure catches to keep it closed.

Your nesting boxes should be positioned lower than the perches when you build the chicken coop, since chickens will always roost in the highest points of their coop.

As with all aspects of keeping chickens, cleanliness is extremely important to keep them healthy. When you build a chicken coop make regular cleaning easy and frequently replace the lining of the nesting box with fresh clean material.

Chickens will usually lay their eggs wherever they feel enclosed and warm. So, position the nesting boxes soundly in a dark corner away from any drafts. A well thought out chicken coop will shield your hens from the elements as well as predators and snug nesting boxes will guarantee lots of fresh eggs daily!
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