The Stir Over Mohammed Cartoons

Freedom of expression rules in the western democracies. We are allowed to criticize every thing, such as each religion. Political leaders can do no right even in the ideal of times, they are openly criticized. Actually, freedom of expression has become toxic, as it is destroying families, entertainment, and our children’s lives.

The freedom of expression on television, radio, and the World wide web is an insult to your intelligence. The news media and the networks feel they can serve you “garbage” and you will watch it with a smile and a pack of potato chips. In other words, they have no respect for the morals of the masses. How many excellent films are produced per year by Hollywood? How many would you take your kids to? I hope you see my point.

Respect is the actual concern right here, beyond “the clash of cultures.” In the West, several folks do not respect their own religious values. So, what tends to make anyone think the religious values of Moslems will be treated differently?

Respect for religious values is a dilemma. For those of my fellow Americans who never want to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance, or do not like the words in God we Trust,” please locate an additional country that will accept your lack of ethics and non-participation. You won’t uncover a large line of countries that want you.

We ought to find out to create respect for different points of view, and tread meticulously, when discussing an individual outside our own circle of loved ones and pals. Regardless of exactly where we reside, we need to stop dehumanizing other countries and cultures. It is so straightforward to point across the planet and say the other side is complete of Barbarians.

As an American, I am not pleased when the American flag, the Danish flag, or any other country’s flag, is burned. When the US embassy is stormed, it only brings about an equally, or much more violent reaction, from inside the United States. This only aids fuel fundamentalists and reactionaries, who still bear a grudge, to this day, with every single country who has ever stormed a US embassy.

Peaceful protest is a strong tool for alter. Non-violent protest will also get headlines. It has historically worked worldwide and will get all parties concerned to the negotiations table.

Constant rioting is also potent, but is answered with a violent reaction and suppression. It also pleases those who classify and categorize cultures. In fact, you have the capacity to paint your personal image by how you react to conflict. The manner in which you react to adversity is what individuals usually keep in mind most.

Do not commit un-Godly acts in the name of God.

For a deeper understanding of your fellow man, open dialogue with men and women outdoors your personal culture. We need to have more communication at the micro-level or the Planet Powers will draw the sides up for us all.

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