The Survival Guide For New Grandparents

Ever since you heard the news, you could not wait to hold that precious bundle of joy in your arms. Now that your grandchild is here, chances are you are overwhelmed with emotions. If it has been a long time since you yourself were a parent, you might even be feeling just a little bit rusty.

Try not to worry. Caring for a baby is sort of like riding a bike. With a bit of practice you will be at the top of your game once more. If it will be your job to help out with childcare, there are things you will need to do to prepare. These tips for new grandparents can help you get ready to experience one of the most special relationships in your life:

Get your house ready – While it is not technically necessary to childproof your house until your new grandbaby is crawling, it is smart to get an early start. Some of the things you will want to consider include cabinet latches, dishwasher latches, door locks, electrical outlet covers and toilet seat latches. The idea behind these things is to make certain you can access what you need, but that baby cannot. Childproofing supplies are readily available in baby stores and most general department stores. In addition to locking things up so curious little hands stay out of trouble, you will also likely want to move your more breakable items to higher locations.

Consider your greenery – Indoor plants might look great to you, but they can be dangerous for baby. Take stock in what you have in the house and move any potentially hazardous plants outside or to higher locations. Common plants like Easter lilies, ficus, mistletoe and philodendrons can be dangerous.

Stop major falls before they happen – When your new grandbaby does start walking around, childproofing with an eye toward preventing serious falls will become important. Make sure to close off staircases and use window guards to prevent baby from getting out and/or falling when the windows are open. It may also be a very good idea to check furniture for any sharp edges. These can be covered with edge bumpers.

Prepare for medical emergencies – Having a first aid kit on hand that is designed for an infant is a very good idea. You can buy one ready-made or create one yourself. Make sure to include such things as Motrin, allergy medicine, bandages, a thermometer, burn cream, diaper rash cream, a nose aspirator and other similar supplies.

Collect emergency information – Before you watch your grandchild, make sure to collect important numbers. You will, of course, need information on how to reach your child, but there are more numbers you will need. Keep a list of numbers in a safe place that includes the baby’s doctor, the local hospital, poison control and other emergency contacts.

Get your gear ready – Take the time to prepare yourself with the items you will need to care for the baby. Collect such things as receiving blankets, toys, diapers, wipes, a spare crib or playpen and so on. Getting ready for a new grandbaby is an exciting time, but it can be overwhelming. Take it one step at a time and before too long, you will be a pro once more.