The things you can do to help with climate change

If all of the news reports about climate change have got you down, don’t worry. There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world that want to make a difference and make thing better for this world. Every time someone makes a decision to do something to help our plant it makes a difference. If you feel overwhelmed with responsibility know that even small changes can make big differences. Here are some simple things that you can do right now to change climate change.

Change your car habits – Make walking or biking a regular part of your routine. If you don’t already, give your local public transportation a try. Leave your car at home as much as you can. If you have to take your car make sure that the tires are at their appropriate inflation levels and that your engine has been getting regular service. When your car runs better it gets better gas mileage and better gas mileage is better for the environment.

Spend your money wisely – Pay attention to products that come with a lot of superfluous packaging and don’t buy them. Excess package costs in more ways than just money. Preventing waste can reduce carbon emissions. This is also true with recycled products. If you have a choice choose an item that is made from recycled materials. This is more cost effective and better for the world.

Avoid plastic if possible – Plastic is petroleum based, which means it is made with fossil fuels. If that doesn’t sound so bad keep in mind that plastic never breaks down. There are huge islands of plastic floating around in the ocean. It is being eaten by fish and brought into the food chain. There are plenty of other alternatives to plastic.

Check your homes energy consumption – This can be something as simple as unplugging the microwave, coffee pot, and toaster when not in use to something more complex like installing solar panelling to your home. Adjust your thermostat to turn on less often. Put your home electronics on a power strip so when they are not in use you can literally unplug all of them at once. Change your light bulbs from the older models to the new compact fluorescents. Use less hot water, lower the temperature on your hot water heater, or install an instant water heater. All of these options can drastically change the amount of energy you use at home and save on carbon emissions.

If you are looking for climate change facts then you should go online where there are many available including many environmental initiatives that you can get involved with.