The third group of folks

I report people fairly frequently. I do not report for single uses of inappropriate language since people do slip up from time to time, but I do if it’s repeated or spammed. I don’t write up a ticket for this, although, as the constructed-in functionality only requires a couple seconds. Likewise, I also report names if they are wildly inappropriate.

I sometimes report men and women for griefing on a pve realm. I will not go into how it is carried out, but I’ve had individuals try to kill me in intriguing approaches (by abusing specific game mechanics) although I was fighting a rare spawn on several occasions in an attempt to get the mob themselves. The exact same goes for those players that join an instance (typically queued as tanks) to pull as several mobs as they can and drop the group to leave the remaining individuals to die.

The third group of people that I report on a semi-normal basis are bots. I joined a scenario a couple nights ago where 1 of the players did absolutely nothing but sit on their mount. The other player and I killed a group of mobs and the bot rolled on a green item that dropped, but did not move. We waited for the person to move before continuing, but they by no means did move. So we reported the bot, the other active player dropped group, and I stayed in the group for 3 hours as I went around doing my day-to-day quests, pet battling, and so forth., maintaining the (apparently poorly-programmed) bot tied up in the scenario the whole time.

Honestly I have gotten to exactly where I don’t comprehend why some words are ok but others are not. Contact someone gay – and hey – Absolutely everyone reports. Contact someone an asshole – nah – not worth anyones time. Each are hurtful – you do no have to be in a minority group to be attacked. WHY IS IT ONLY “NOT OK” to attack somebody if you consider they’re a minority? It really is even noticed right here in the comments. I am NOT ATTACKING any person I am just asking everyone to think – why is it ok to attack someone if they are *not* a single of these in these “specific protected groups?” I would say that most people look at it like so: It is offensive to individuals who are gay when an individual refers to a non-gay particular person as becoming gay based upon their behavior simply because it correlates homosexuality with particular, often unfavorable varieties of behavior. It does not offend literal assholes (I’m speaking anatomically) when rude individuals are referred to with their namesake simply because they are a physique element. 😛 With that stated, I don’t thoughts swearing and profanity in basic, but when it is directed at a person I will most likely report it.
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