The Three Face Lift Options

Plastic surgeons have developed variations of the face lift because not every patient requires the same changes. As well the improvement you may wish to see in your face may be different from what the next person who walks into the surgeon’s office is looking for. Everyone has a facial structure that is different. As well no two faces are in exactly the same conditions. Genetics and lifestyle choices play a significant role in the condition of your skin. This is why the face lift is a customized version chosen specifically to fit with a patient’s needs.

The three types of face lift procedures are the deep plane lift, the mid lift and the thread lift. There are a number of critical factors that distinguish one type of lift from another. For example, the part of the face that requires work is a factor as is the kind of incision that is to be used. How invasive the surgical procedure is to be makes a difference as does the number of tissue layers that will be affected. Let us consider each type of lift for the face.

Deep Plane Lift

The deep plane procedure is the most invasive of the three and it brings about the most dramatic changes. The mid face area is primarily the area where work is conducted. The lift will bring about a younger and firmer look to the cheeks, the chin, the jaw and the nasolabial folds (otherwise known as the nose to mouth area).

When doing the deep plane lift the operating surgeon will set to work on the underlying tissues and muscles. This type of cosmetic result will last for as many as 10 to 15 years. Some patients may decide to have a second lift done after that time but will choose another type that is not as invasive.

The deep plane is done in such a way that the individual looks very fresh and natural afterwards. Older individuals are most likely to opt for this procedure. It is suitable for those who have severe facial sagging and laxity. It is also an excellent choice for smokers.

Mid Lift

The people who most often flock to plastic surgery clinics to have a mid lift are those in their 40s or 50s. Sagging cheeks, laxity or skin folds in the nose to mouth area are reason enough to consider having this type of face lift done.

During this surgery a number of small incisions are made inside the mouth and along the hairline area. This is done in order that the layer of fatty tissue can be lifted by the operating doctor and then repositioned in an appropriate manner.

This kind of lift will show marked improvement in the look of the cheekbones and well as the region that exists between the nose and the mouth. Many people like this surgery because it does not leave many scars and it is very rejuvenating.

Thread Lift

Also sometimes referred to as a feather lift or an aptos lift, the thread lift is the least invasive of the three. This type of lift is geared towards lifting sagging and droopy facial skin. Those who most often seek out this lift procedure are individuals in their late 30s to early 40s who are looking for minimal improvements as opposed to a complete reconstructive procedure. If sagging and/or laxity are just beginning on your face then this procedure is for you. SABUNG AYAM
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