The Top Five Advantages Of Swimming When You Are Pregnant

Exercising while pregnant is good for both the mother and the baby, but its not a lot of fun with the extra weight, and the fact that any injury can be a disaster. The good news is that swimming is an ideal exercise for pregnant women, especially when its in your own backyard pool so you can start, stop and pause as much as you need to. Wondering if swimming is right for your pregnancy? Here are the top five advantages of swimming while pregnant.

Swimming boosts circulation and strengthens your heart and lungs: Although swimming isnt the most rigorous of exercises, it does boost your heart rate and improve your circulation. Healthy circulation is great for the baby, and you, especially because much of your bodys energy and nutrients are going towards the baby. Make sure the chlorine level of your pool is healthy, and that your pool cleaner is working well to prevent bacteria.

Swimming enables you to stay safely healthy throughout pregnancy: By maintaining your heart rate and muscle strength through out pregnancy, you will be able to work out at a much more effective and higher rate after birth, to help shift that baby weight. By the time you reach your second trimester, jogging will be difficult and unadvised, and yoga and pilates will not boost your heart rate. Swimming is the perfect way to stay exercise ready despite the weight gain.

Swimming keeps your major muscles working and prevents cramps: Swimming is a great activity because it uses your two major muscle groups legs and arms. It also helps you breathe deeply and stretches your back. As you pile on weight and even walking becomes exhausting, swimming will keep your muscles healthy and strong.

Swimming helps you stay active, and combat excessive pregnancy weight gain: Despite the temptation to stay at home and eat for two, gentle exercise is needed during the whole pregnancy to combat excessive weight gain. Swimming is the opportunity between the all or nothing approach many women take to their body during pregnancy, so build it into your work out to stay toned. Swimming is well regarded as being an excellent toning exercise for your limbs also.

Swimming is a weightless way to feel healthy and in control: Being asked to exercise while pregnant sends many a tired mum crazy. The idea of jogging, walking or even stretching in your final months is overwhelming, because getting out of a chair is hard enough. But swimming is unique because the water supports your weight, and gives you a rare opportunity to feel weightless, cools and in control.

You should consult your doctor before you start swimming, and do not over exert yourself or push yourself to reach goals. Remember to regularly check your pool pump to ensure its clean, or maybe get the man to do it. Pregnancy will feel like a backwards fitness plan because as your baby develops you will be able to do less, rather then in training when improvement and greater speeds and lengths come naturally with practice. SABUNG AYAM