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Indonesia is one of the unique world countries that are quite interesting and a country that has a lot to offer in terms of sceneries. It is a tourist destination that is worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. This country boasts of being the only country in the globe that has the highest number of islands. Even though many of the tourists who visit Indonesia do not refer to it as a trekking destination, Jakarta Indonesia has more to offer tourists than just reefs and beaches. As you discover Indonesia through trekking, you will be able to experiences a lot of new unique opportunities and whether you are a starter in trekking, or one who has experience, you can be sure that you will enjoy every moment of your walk around Bali Indonesia. You will be able to experience magnificent paths that are there for you to make a choice on the best that you wish to follow. All you need to do is fasten your walking boots and start your lifetime trekking experience.

Indonesia is a country where locals hold their traditions in very high esteem, and you will find that there are over 12 colorful festivals that take place throughout the year. Most of these ceremonies are related to religious matters of Indonesian people, but you will not fail to find other festivals that are celebrated by everyone regardless of their religion. Some of the popular festivals are highlighted below, and it is a good idea for you to plan a vacation at the time of year when you are aware of the kind of festival that is taking place, so that you may participate. Independence Day of Indonesia celebrations are held every 17th day of August every year. You will find that the streets around Jakarta Indonesia are usually covered with garlands and Indonesian flags as the anniversary of the country’s independence is commemorated. Bau Nyale fishing festival is another important celebration that takes place in Lombok, and it is celebrated in February or March. Numerous people gather in Lombok to have a look at the first nyale – a worm-like fish – that is caught during the well-liked fishing event.

International Jazz Festival of Jakarta Indonesia is one of the most significant and most trendy jazz festivals not only in Indonesia but in the whole of the Asian continent. The jazz festival is usually held in the beginning of the month of May and lasts for three days. Throughout the three days, Jakarta Indonesia is usually transformed to a real music delight, where all the renowned as well as celebrated musicians of the world gather. Visit Papua Indonesia, and discover all the cultural festivals that take place there. It is a good idea if you could visit this amazing country when one of the many festivals is taking place, so that you can see for yourself. Do not wait to hear from friends and colleagues, ensure that you experience Indonesia first hand!
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