The Traps To Avoid In Living Your Purposeful Passion

Small business owners or solo-entrepreneurs who know that what they do is part of their life’s purpose, tend to be very passionate about what they do and the line between their work life and their personal life can get very fuzzy. Because their life has become their work/purpose.

In this article, I like to talk about the disadvantages of this to share with you what not to do and a few of the traps that one can fall into.

Trap #1
If your life is your purpose work, you may have a tendency to take everything too personally. So if someone doe not appreciate the kind of work you do, you may start thinking that they have something against you. Or after a few appointments your client decides that you are not the right person for them, and decides to fire you. This can be devastating for some small business owners especially when they need the money.

It is important to be able to take a step back and not allow their views to be a personal attack when they may not have intended it to be that way. This way, you can still maintain a good relationship with them, and you might never know that they could give you a very good referral in the future.

Moreover, being fired by your clients can be good thing too. Because by letting go of clients that are not suitable, you create more space for the right clients in your life that will bring you even greater abundance on all levels.

Trap #2
The emotional investment that one puts in the purposeful business can make one irrational. I have seen small business owners becoming so emotionally attached to their work that they resort to superstitious practice and rituals to get more business/clients.There are some practices such as visualization, mantras and affirmations that can help one to attract more clients and earn more money, because one is basically working with the mind to open up to possibilities. But if the intent is lost and one starts to use these practices as a do-or-die technique, then one has lost the plot. One fine example is reading affirmations mindlessly in a ritualistic way rather than intending to reprogram one’s subconscious mind.

The irrationality can also extend to the way things are being done too. An example of this is something they have done in their marketing or advertising have not given them the results they want, instead of tweaking their method, they keep using the same methods but they intensify their visualization and affirmation efforts. Or they pray even harder. The problem is not in their faith, the problem could just be a technical issue with their marketing and advertising!

Trap #3
Another trap that one can fall into is feeling a sense of entitlement. Many who walk the path of purposeful passion tend to believe that if they are living their purpose, then the Universe and everything and everyone around them must do to their bidding. Because in their minds they think they have important work to do, and that the world must revolve around them. I think this is one of the biggest traps that many solo-entrepreneurs fall into, especially those who are on the ‘spiritual path’.

In the perspective of the wider Universe, our individual work is but a minute effort. It is silly to be full of pride thinking the world will stop functioning if your work is not ‘allowed’ to go the way you want because other people are not helping you to. The world will go on and the sun will still shine tomorrow even if your ‘important’ work is not done. Living one’s purposeful passion does not make one a world saviour.

Live your purposeful passion and be a well balanced human being with a mature spiritual compass while doing so. You will be much happier for it.
Sabung Ayam
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