The Truth About Consensus on Global Warming

Interestingly enough we are told that Global Warming is real because 80% of the population believes it is, but why do they believe that? Well, because it has been blasted all over the media that’s why. Of course, Global Warming alarmists say that all the scientists have come to a consensus – what, which scientists, this is news to me.

Even if “most” scientists or Ph.D.s believed this, so what? That does not automatically make it real. Personally, if 100,000 scientists jumped off a bridge to their deaths, I would not follow. Also 60 million dollars paid in research to confirm global warming is the reason we have more or less a consensus in the scientific community, that mankind is effecting the climate-weather at least some %, but the CO2 theories are bogus and have a lot of socialists promoting them.

Regarding the New York Times editorials saying that corporate charlatans are trying to white wash Global Warming in a cover up routine – well what if they were trying to overcome the negative aspects of the mass media inciting fear of Global Warming, that still has nothing to do with the truth, in fact the exact opposite is actually the case. The Global Warming alarmists are out spending Industry research by 5:1.

Corporate Charlatans indeed, well, names are fun, but I am a “Friedman Economist”, understand the whole picture, and have read Ayn Rand, thus, will not place blame haphazardly. Besides there is nothing wrong with making a profit no matter what any socialist or communist thinks and yet that end of the debate has nothing to do with the facts of natural Earth cycles VS Global Warming doom and gloom scenarios.

Further if the Global Warming Scare group really cares they would not try to tear down industrial capacity, rather make it stronger to handle their own predictions. So, even if it were fact, which it most certainly is not, then their tactics will bring down civilization far faster than the weather changes.

Additionally, we were all told by the know-it-alls that Y2K was going to end all civilization in the Western World, that we would all be dead now due to nuclear war, that we would be speaking German, Russian and now we are warned we will all be speaking Chinese. I have read the doom and gloom of all the futurists books from the 60s on, all of their predictions did not come true, although most all of mine have.

Oh yes and about the holes in the Ozone, some research now suggest that they might help cool things, depending on where the holes are how big they are, it could be good. Species have flourished during warming periods, we are in one and have been for 30,000 years, and it isn’t so bad really. I cannot believe any of the Global Warming Scare stuff, as I am way too on top of things for that. Sincerely, Lance.