The Turbo Charged Economic Street Race

Allow me to introduce you to the best street car race you will ever witness! Whether or not you love cars, I know you’re going to love this race because guess who’s partaking in this race? You are! And guess who you’re going up against? You’re racing against yourself! And guess what you are racing for? You’re racing for prosperity! There are two vehicles competing in this race. The good news is that you’re one of them. The bad news is that you may be the other. The question is which vehicle are you?

Welcome to your economic street race featuring the turbo charged Lamborghini Murcielago automatic transmission Employee vs. the turbo charged Lamborghini Murcielago stick shift Entrepreneur. These two cars look exactly the same on the outside. They pretty much even out on horsepower. The length of the race is ‘the extra mile’ which is how far you have to go in order to reach this finish line. So how can you be sure which vehicle will win?

Well, for starters, the Lambo Employee (Street name: Sheep) is driving on safety and security gas. The Lambo Entrepreneur (Street name: Wolf) drives on more expensive freedom gas. The Sheep has automatic transmission leaving the changing of its gears to the engine of employers, circumstances, and society. The Wolf is a stick shift which provides full and total control of the vehicle. The Sheep is a smoother and somewhat safer ride than that of the Wolf. The Sheep’s tires aren’t built for bumps in the road, while the Wolf’s tires are built to last. Being that the Sheep is automatic, it will definitely leap off faster than the stick shift and in control Wolf at the beginning of the race. But if you are somewhat knowledgeable on cars, you know the Wolf will not only leave the Sheep in its dust, but it will do so at an incredibly much faster speed and break records while passing the finish line.

Since the Sheep loves itself some security, its security alarm is so efficient, that it even prevents the drivers of change and opportunity to enter it. I guess these drivers are extremely dangerous! The Wolf, on the other hand, has no alarm for these drivers. Better yet, the doors remain unlocked and open for these drivers. The Sheep’s path is filled with the many red lights of taxes which slows down, and in many cases, prevents the Sheep from ever reaching the finish line! The Wolf has a few red lights, but many more green lights and many more advantages just because it’s the Wolf. The Sheep values its oil changes (definite paychecks) so much that the Wolf willingly will provide the Sheep with oil changes in exchange for the Sheep to take care of the Wolf’s maintenance, fill it up with gas, upgrade its turbo, and unknowingly help it reach the finish line much faster. The Educational System Car Manufacturers try their best to formulate all of their vehicles from the Sheep’s model, which is why so many vehicles are like the Sheep, even if they claim to be like the Wolf.

The Wolf drives for the love of putting on miles on its way to the finish line. The Sheep drives to hopefully get its parts and turbo upgraded through promotion and better pay. Unfortunately, the Sheep’s path is currently being filled with more red lights, and it’s beginning to thunderstorm and hurricane. Somehow, its path is no longer receiving the bright sunshine it had been promised.

The race is about to start! The engines are revving! The nitrous is ready! RED…YELLOW…Are you a Wolf, or are you a Sheep? GREEN….GO!

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