The United States In Hangzhou, Zhejiang China Seven Stores Out Of The Big Dipper – The Country The

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Tianshu Big Dipper?? Qiutao shop: Qiutao
Flagship store
Vibration to Hangzhou Half the Sky

Astrology Location: 128 North Road, Hangzhou Qiutao 2nd Floor East appliance market, with only 2 stations across South Coach Station.

Find Star Line: Take the bus and get off 18,20,35,55,56,44,64,305,317,518,805,818 Road to Jing Fang Ting.

Astrology Aspect:
States United States
Electrical stores in the second to Hangzhou in the opening at the beginning, many manufacturers are not optimistic about the district, but the distinctive look and unique Gome business ideas, so that consumers rush to become the U.S. State brightest one in Hangzhou Star. When good stores need good families, Huang Qiutao shop manager is the manager will help customers haggle, so special, gifts and so Needless to say, the manager is the biggest bright spot.

Star Games Views: Qiutao shop two days the audience
Group buy

Big Dipper days right?? Zhaohui shop: the first shop in Hangzhou, sincere service to the ever

Astrology Location: Hangzhou on toro 210? 218, and the new streets on Tong Road intersection, Dawn Park on the first floor, 300 meters away from the Zhejiang University.

Find Star Line: Take Bus 3,6,26,33,78,80,198,274,814,591 way to get off Zhaohui six districts.

Astrology Aspect: States United States entered the first store in Hangzhou, is located to Hangzhou among the most densely residential area, home appliances
Go popular, to meet the shopping needs of ordinary people. Convenience is the province, the province is good, Gome stores in 3 years Zhaohui time to Hangzhou consumers with forged a deep friendship, a country the United States in Hangzhou, betrays a fluctuation of the stars never.

Star Games Views: purchase
Air conditioning
+ Any of a
, Refrigerator,
Washing machine
Sent 200-1000 yuan.
Beta Ursae Majoris
Big Dipper?? Fengqi shop: gaming enjoyment, Extreme Service

Astrology Location: River Road 57, Hangzhou, Fengqi Road and River Road intersection in the first floor of the three Wah.

Find Star Line: Take Bus 5,8,13,24,32,35,66,813 Road to the intersection of North, Central, North or get off the market. Dozens of parking spaces.

Astrology Aspect: This is a country the United States in the first three stores to Hangzhou, and is the center of stores. In order to shop in March this year, issued a stronger light, the country was the United States for its re-
, Reinstall after Fengqi shop, the home appliance brands have been stringent admission screening, the new, boutique into stores, caused fight appliances Extreme shop. Perfect turn, the National US-Fengqi shop shine, become a shining star.