The Upside to the Downside

We’ve found ourselves in the deepest recession that most of us have ever experienced. Many have been laid off, or, downsized. It’s been a rough ride not just for us but for the global economy. So, this is starting off to be a fun read, right? I could go on to list a myriad other downsides to what’s been going on, but that’s not my point here. I’m a firm believer that perception does indeed help shape reality and if the perception is that we are all going to hell in a hand basket – away we will go. How we react to the downsides will not only dictate how long they will last, but, how we can best navigate through them and how we’ll prepare ourselves to thrive as the correction begins.

I’m not denying the economic hard times, but I am saying that not only are we finally beginning to see positive news filter through, but that there have also been upsides to this financial upheaval we’ve been going through. For example:

As prices rise and wages fall, the everyday consumer is rethinking his or her spending. This has allowed businesses such as repair shops, used clothing stores, to thrive. Goodwill stores are rebranding themselves. They and other stores that were once known as hand-me-down or second-hand clothing stores, will more and more be known not as used, but as vintage clothing establishments.

When it comes to other-worldly matters, psychics and astrologers have certainly seen a spike in their business as more executives are consulting them on professional and business merger advice. Consultants who don’t have the ability to communicate with the other side are doing well, positioning themselves as valuable advisors, helping people make smart decisions about investing, job hunting, real estate, marketing and other business and personal areas.

A new group of accidental entrepreneurs who have lost their jobs have dusted themselves off, marched forward, and gone on and created new companies, using initiative and creativity to form new companies. In doing so they are creating jobs.

Yes there are upsides to this downside. Wherever you find yourself in this economy, continue to look towards the light. While others stick their head in the sand hoping to wait it out, move forward, rethink your business strategies, your customer base, your marketing and PR outreach. Keep in mind that, because the competition is cutting back their marketing outreach, businesses can reach their target market and increase their market share much more effectively during economic tough times. Be bold. Remember, the so-called Great Depression launched the billion dollar cosmetics industry. Fortunes are made during tough economic times.

Copyright © Anthony Mora 2009